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The Tech, Training, & Coaching To Build A Strong Personal Brand That Attracts More Clients From People You Already Know
Referral Sweet How it Works

How Does Referral Sweet Help Me Generate More Referrals?

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Build a brand & start attracting more referrals

Here's How Referral Sweet Helps You Attract More Clients

Fresh Social Media Content Each Month

Use our content calendar each month full of personalizable graphics, instructions, and short form video scripts so you NEVER have to think about what to post or do next on social.

Personalized Video Email Nurturing

Start sending your database emails they actually open. Each month we'll send you the video script, subject line, and even email copy to customize and send out as your own through.

Direct Mail Set It & Forget It Campaigns

Customize & Automate direct mail touches to your database with our set it and forget direct mail campaigns. Stop farming strangers and start farming relationships.

Relationship Manager CRM

The Relationship Manager gives you one place to manage, organize, grow, and market your rolodex of relationships.

Group Coaching & Training

All users get access instant access to the Database Marketing Challenge to implement the system + attend ongoing monthly mastermind and group training calls.

Marketing Center

Click to print and customize anything from business cards, to farming campaigns, to signage.

Running An Attraction Based Business Is Sweet!

Explore The Referral Sweet Philosophy

Build A referral & attraction based business

Attracting More Referrals Isn't Theory, It's Mathematical.

  • 10-15% of the population moves every year.

  • 100% of the population knows someone they can refer you to.

  • 80% of people hire the first professional they meet with.

  • Over 90% of consumers trust a referral from a friend or family member over an ad

  •  49% of people say their family and friends are top sources for verification

  • Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions. – McKinsey & Company

Bottom line is that referrals are a real estate agent’s #1 source of business.  Referral Sweet gives you a multi-channel approach to becoming more referable. It’s not other people’s job to send you business, but it is your job to remind them to. That’s where we can help.

We make it easy to nurture your database with content that “reminds” them in you’re in real estate. STOP thinking about what to create and start being consistent doing it.

The percentages of buyers and sellers that hired someone they knew, used in the past, personally met, or were referred to according to National Association Of Realtors.

Hire 1st Person They Met

Does Your Database Really Know You're In Real Estate?

Explore The Referral Sweet Philosphy

Here's how it works in

3 Easy Steps

Take The Training

During your first couple weeks you'll receive 2 live  group training calls as well as step by step tutorials.

Import Your Database

Upload your rolodex of relationships and past clients.

Start Monthly Nurturing

Nurture your database each month each month through social media, video email, & direct mail.


How Sweet Is It?

Special thanks to the team behind the scene. We have over 24 million in the pipeline. Helping a record number of families buy homes this year.

Bob friel

Bob Friel

Mortgage Banker

Want to set yourself apart from other agents in your area? now only will this team help you create your own distinct brand, they show you how to become a star!

Valerie Van De Zilver

Orange County Realtor

This one closing is enough to pay for a year’s worth of videos with REMD. Last year I had 12 closings that were a direct result of my videos. Is it worth the investment? HELL YES!!

Eric Eby

Northwest Arkansas Realtor

How Does Referral Sweet Generate More Referrals?

Explore The Referral Sweet Philosophy