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What’s The Return On Investment In Marketing Your Database?

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What's the committment?

There is none, this is a month to month service. You don't like it or use it you can cancel it anytime.

How much time will using this software involve??

Most users will not have to spend more than couple hours a month on their marketing. Our direct mail campaigns are automated, email campaigns are copy and shoot your video. The most amount of time you'll spend will be on personalizing your social posts.

What if I don't have a database?

Everyone has a database.  Part of your onboarding will be to establish an email and direct mail list out of your phone contacts and already existing email list.

What's my ROI?

10-15% of the people who see your content will be moving this year, but 100% of them will have a referral for you. The question is whether or not it's going to be you. The only time we have no seen it work for someone was because people don't like you and that's nothing we can help you with.

How does the direct mail work?

You upload a direct mail list and keep building it as the year progresses.  Post crds cost $0.99 a mailer including postage + print, but there are many kinds of direct mail campaigns you can send (gifts, letters, greeting cards, etc..).

What kind of services are available?

The marketing services cover everything arpund personal branding from video editing services to logo design.  If it has anything to do with branding or marketing we have a trusted partner for you to work with.

Does this integrate with other softwares?

Yes, we have Zapier integration to connect your other tools.

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Bob friel

"I like that I don't have to think about what to do next.  They literally have a script  or piece of content for everything!  They just tell me what they do and it works"

Suneet Agarwal

CEO Big Block Realty North

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