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Looking for a simple and budget friendly way to stay on top of mind with your database?  Referral Sweet is your one-stop shop for marketing your database and content creation.

Referral Sweet Is All You Need TO

Build A Strong Personal Brand

Video Email ($64/month Value)

Now you have access to a video email system solely for nurturing your database. We give you the email copy, subject line, and even video script so you can make it your own.

Set It & Forget Direct Mail Nurturing ($49/monthValue)

Stop farming strangers and start farming your database without lifting a finger. Our campaigns will automatically go out each month as you continue to build your direct mail lists.

Fresh Customizable Social Content Each Month Content ($97/monthValue)

Stop thinking about what to do or say on social media. Each month you have access to a social media calendar with 8 short form video scripts plus 12 other pieces of customizable content and/or instructions.

Relationship Manager CRM ($24/month Value)

Finally a simple CRM to host the most important contact you have, your relationships.  The Relationship manager makes it simple for you to continue to add contacts to your lists and streamline your referral marketing efforts in minutes a month.

Database Marketing Challenge ($497 Value)

Within your first 30 days, attend the live "Database Marketing Challenge training to fully implement the system and follow all instructions.

Training Library ($297 Value)

Access the training library of Referral Sweet covering all kinds of topics.

Print Marketing Center ($19/Month Value)

Anything and everything you need from signage to postcards can be ordered directly out of the print marketing center.

Live Ongoing Mastermind ($497 Value)

Referral Sweet isn't just a software, it's an ongoing mastermind each month where you can bring all your personal branding, social media, or referral marketing questions. 

Marketplace & Ancillary Services (Priceless)

Meet new vendors each month who are willing and able to pay you for client referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the commitment?

There is none, this is a month to month. You don’t like it or use it you can cancel it anytime. You have an initiation of $197 (Early Adopter Pricing) and then it’s $97/month thereafter.

How much time will this take me each month?

Most users will not have to spend more than couple hours a month on their marketing. Our direct mail campaigns are automated, email campaigns are copy and shoot your video. The most amount of time you’ll spend will be on personalizing your social posts and video scripts. 

What if I don't have a database?

Everyone has a database.  Part of your onboarding will be to establish an email and direct mail list out of your phone contacts and already existing email list. Even if you are a brand new agent you will eventually build a database and need to start somewhere. In 20 years I have yet to see someone this WILL NOT work for. 

What's my ROI?

10-15% of the people who see your content will be moving this year, but 100% of them will have a referral for you. The question is whether or not it’s going to be you. The only time we have not seen it work for someone was because people don’t like you and that’s nothing we can help you with.  Your total investment with Referral Sweet with will be roughly $1,200/year Plus cost of postage and print for direct mail.  In either case once you generate 1 referral over the next 12 months our system creates the HIGHEST ROI in real estate marketing today.

How does the direct mail work?

You upload a direct mail list and keep building it as the year progresses.  Our system is set it and forget it so you pick the kind of campaign you send out.  As you add new contacts they will automatically be added to your list.

Does this integrate with other softwares?

Yes, we have Zapier integration to connect your other tools.

Will I Annoy My Database?

You only annoy your database when you are annoying.  Our system does not tell them you’re in real estate, we help you remind them by creating engaging content they react to.

How sweet is it?

What Some Are Saying...

Bob friel

"I like that I don't have to think about what to do next.  They literally have a script  or piece of content for everything!  They just tell me what they do and it works"

Suneet Agarwal

CEO Big Block Realty North

“Early Adopter” Special

$997 Up Front, $297/month

Individual User

$197 Up Front
$ 97
  • Database Marketing Challenge
  • Online Training
  • Fresh Monthly Social Media Content
  • Video Email + Monthly Content For Personalization
  • Automate Direct Mail Touches To You Database
  • Relationship Manager
  • Print Center
  • Done For You Listing Campaigns
  • Monthly Mastermind/Group Coaching

Chasing leads is NOT Sweet. Attracting Clients Is.

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