Relationships Are The Lifeblood Of Real Estate

Marketing relationships works in every business, not just real estate. The problem everyone has though is, how do you stay in touch with hundreds of relationships? You create content.

People are going to hire someone they know, like, and trust, but they have to remember them first. That’s why content creation is so important. Referral Sweet “farms” your relationships with content so people STOP forgetting what you do and START sending you clients you’ll love working with.

After being tested for over 10 years in practice, Referral Miner is the first multi-channel approach to relationship management through consistent content creation. In other words we make it easy for your entire rolodex of relationship to STOP forgetting what you do and start referring their friends and family.

Mike Cuevas Real Estate Marketing Dude

I couldn’t stand cold calling, door knocking, or any of the old school prospecting techniques the gurus were shoving down my throat when I started real estate in 2002.  However that didn’t mean I couldn’t survive in real estate, I just needed to find another way.  In 2004 my best friend “cheated on me” with another real estate agent and I vowed to NEVER let that happen again.  It was that day where I realized if my best friend forgot I was in real estate who else was also forgetting?

So I started “farming” my friends with direct mail and before you knew it, people stopped forgetting I was in real estate.  Over the years as technology improved we learned how to attract new referrals and clients while retaining our old ones just through consistent content creation. Regardless of what field you are in, you are a marketer first and foremost. The more content you create, the more conversations you’ll have, which means to more trust being built, which means more opportunities you’ll get.

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Bob friel

Special thanks to the team behind the scene. We have over 24 million in the pipeline. Helping a record number of families buy homes this year. 

Bob Friel

Friel Good Mortgage

Want to set yourself apart from other agents in your area? now only will this team help you create your own distinct brand, they show you how to become a star!

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This one closing is enough to pay for a year’s worth of videos with REMD. Last year I had 12 closings that were a direct result from my content.

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