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Why Email Video Marketing Is The Best Way To Nurture Your Database

If you’re in a referral based business, email video marketing is one of the easiest ways to nurture your database for referrals and repeat business. We are increasing the open rates 300% using email video marketing vs. traditional text based email we used in the past. In this post, I’m going to walk you through how video email marketing works.

Many people get fed up because of dismal results from their email marketing, but it’s not because it doesn’t work, it’s because of the way they are using it. If you want to see a better results with any of your email marketing results then you MUST at least attempt email video marketing.

What is email video marketing?

Email video marketing is incorporating video within the emails you send to your email lists. Typically it involves using some kind of software like Referral Sweet or Bombbomb, but regardless of what you use, it’s the concept of consistently communicating through video within your emails. 

Why does email video marketing work?

Video email marketing is a more impactful way to communicate with your email list in a much more personal way. There are many ways to use email in your business, but when your goal is top of mind brand awareness, I have found that “farming” your database of relationships, past clients, and relationships through video email has increased my open rates to an average of 40%+.

Here is why marketing your database with video is one of the most impactful ways to build your brand. Video is the most impactful way to stay in touch and create top of mind brand awareness with email video marketing.

    • 60% of the impact your content makes is based on your tone.

    • 30% of the impact your content makes is through the body language you use.

    • People will only retain 10% of what you say, but will remember 90% of how you did it.

This is why I love email video marketing for my database.

Video Email Marketing Works

What’s The Right Amount Of Email Video Marketing To Send Your Database

Over the last 5 years we’ve sent thousands of video emails on behalf of our clients and in just about every single case, it increased engagement.  Many times we forget the point of sending an email in the first place. Unfortunately, many of us feel that we must send something that nobody opens or engages with. If that’s the case, what’s the point of sending it in the first place?

You only need to send 1-2 touches a month, but it’s important you put some thought behind your email video marketing strategy. Think about what you are going to send ahead of time, but don’t overthink it as well. The goal of sending these emails is to remind people you are still available for their referrals and direct business.

“10-15% of your email recipients will be moving this year, but 100% of them have a referral for you”

Who do you think has a better chance of generating more referrals and repeat business, the agent who is sending 1-2 video emails a month, the lender who is sending 1-2 templated emails a month, or the Realtor or lender not sending any emails at all?  It’s not rocket science it’s common sense. Email video marketing creates more attention, which is the entire point of marketing your database in the first place.

What Kind Of Content Should You Create?

Let’s first talk about what NOT to create.  Don’t talk about your business unless something newsworthy is to be talked about.  For example, in real estate when the interest rates rose and the market began to shift would be considered a newsworthy item to report on.  What is not newsworthy is sending your database market updates when they might not be interested in receiving them.

If you talked about work with your significant other all the time, you would eventually go your separate ways.  The same principle is going to apply to marketing your database in general.  You don’t have to talk about work, but you do have to stay in touch with them.

Your video emails should just gently remind them you’re in real estate with content thy may find useful.  One of the best parts is that you do not need to constantly talk about real estate if you don’t want to.

The easiest strategy to implement is just holiday greetings.  There are different holidays each month and a simple holiday greeting is an easy video to create.

Over 90% of what comes out of your mouth will be forgotten in 24 hours.  People only retain 10% of what you say. but 100% of them will remember how you said.

The only time this works is when you are consistent with it. You want to invest about 30-60 minutes each month on video email marketing strategy once you begin.


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