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4 Types Of Real Estate Social Media Content That Creates Engagement & “Reminds” Your Database You’re In Real Estate!

Creating real estate social media content that generates business is a lot easier than you think. Unfortunately, today it is no longer optional to be on social media, it is a necessity.

The Good News About Real Estate Social Media Content is that it’s much to create than you think. The key is consistency, which means finding the RIGHT strategy for you is very important because if you’re not excited about creating content on social media it’s very hard to do it over time.  Making 1-2 posts a month is better than nothing, but it’s not going to turn you into the next Million Dollar Agent. 

Do you recall one video from yesterday you saw on social media?  Well, nobody is going to recall anything you created either, which is why the first step is finding a social media content strategy that you are excited about.

Some people like creating videos, while others would rather be creating graphics, but whatever that becomes for you, consistency is the only thing that works.

Why Creating Real Estate Social Media Content Consistently Creates Clients

Social media is the easiest place to constantly remind ALL your relationships you’re in real estate. The people you are connected with on social media all live somewhere, don’t they? Wouldn’t you expect to get their direct business when they do?  Would you appreciate their referral business? Then start creating real estate social media content that reminds people you’re in real estate (more on this later).  The question for you becomes, “how do YOU use social media to create engagement? 

The more content you create, the more people you can help buy, sell, or finance real estate because of the following numbers.

  • 10-15% of your social media connections are moving this year!
  • 100% of your social media relationships have the ability to refer you one client.
  • 80+% of people use the first person they meet with.
  • Over 74% of closed transactions were with agents they know personally, were referred to, used in the past, personally met, or ran into.

Everything I am showing you here is 100% mathematical and not based on theory. Once you understand how and why people hire their real estate agent or lender, then you know how to market them. Top

Top Of Mind Brand Awareness Is Everything In An Attraction Based Business

The reason for creating content is very simple. The more real estate social media content you create, the more engagement you’ll have.  All of the engagement you create will create conversations that ultimately lead to the relationships that get you hired. The reality is that business is right in front of you!  The next question then becomes, how do you stay consistent creating real estate social media content that creates engagement? 

4 Kinds Of Real Estate Social Media Content Every Real Estate Agent Or Lender Can Create

The key to creating content on social media overtime is to learn how to be an effective story teller.  Storytelling is all social media really is at the end of the day. Everything you do or consume is nothng more than a story. Each time you make a post, that content reminds people of your brand. When this is done over time you’ll build a brand people start to associate with real estate as long as your content is reminding them you are in real estate.  

Real Estate Content Idea Content #1- Memes

There are so many funny memes that create engagement you can post all over social media.  Sometimes making fun of yourself or profession is a great way to create engagement. We like to call these more lifestyle memes, but regardless of what you post, each one will remind people you’re in real estate.

Real Estate Content Idea #2- Cool Real Estate Stuff You See Daily

Real estate agents see the coolest kitchens, views, designs, etc. so just start sharing that on social media.  Tis becomes as simple as taking pictures of cool real estate things throughout your week and then just sharing those pictures over time.

When I was practicing in Chicago, I had a series called #TBT, which stands for “Throwback Thursday”.  When I used to show and list houses I would take cool pictures of old school furnaces, woodwork, brick, architecture, etc..  The city of Chicago has some of the most awesome architecture and each time I made a post it reminded people I was in real estate.

Real Estate Content Idea #3- Unique Real Estate News, Ideas, Concepts

The real estate industry employs roughly 25% of the work force directly or indirectly. This means there are many people interested in the topic because everyone lives somewhere. One of the best ways you can position yourself as the expert is that when you see something newsworthy or unique, you create content on it.

Eric Ritenour Realtor

For example, when the recent interest rates started rising in 2022 and the market made an immediate shift from a seller’s to buyer’s market one of the best real estate social media content you could’ve have created at the time, was commenting on whether or not the market was going to crash or what the impact on inflation was. In the example above, this agent received 166,000 organic views from reporting on that content first. This is a perfect example of how news trending topics get a lot of buzz when you are one of the first to create content on it.

In addition to this you could create content on anything you want, even though it’s not your listing. Here is Ken Pozek, Orlando Realtor.  He created a YouTube video that went viral because who doesn’t want to see the inside of Shaq’s house?

Ken Pozek

The point is that you can create real estate social media content on anything. The key is not making it about your or even “them”, but more on what’s going on in the community or your life. Believe it or not, you may be more interesting than you think and people want to get to know you. Think of social media as a way to date for future business. The more content you create, the more you flirt, which ultimately leads to you getting lucky with a new client.

Real Estate Content Idea #4- Real Estate Case Studies

Every time a real estate agent posts, just listed” or “just sold” you are doing nothing more than bragging about how much money you made. There’s no other industry that does this where it would be acceptable, but in real estate. The only people who comment on those posts are those that are trying to get your business. 

The video above is nothing more than a case study a client of ours had with our video marketing services.  I can tell you how awesome we are or I can let someone else do it for me, which is far more powerful.

Once you start telling stories of the people you served, your engagement will triple.  HGTV is nothing more than a giant case study.  Regardless of what side of the transaction you are on, there is also a journey, which is a great way to showcase your expertise WITHOUT feeling like you have to brag or making a post that nobody comments on. If HGTV can create an entire TV channel on “our profession”, why can’t we just document our own story? If you don’t have any stories start commenting on public “moves” by following channels like TMZ, etc..

Don’t overthink creating real estate social media content.  The key is not creating content about your business per se, but rather reminding people in what business you are in.