Making Your Brand Pop in Slower Times with Jason Frazier

It’s hard to deny that we are in a recession, but how can you put your brand and business in a position to still succeed? Can you even succeed in a recession?

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How can your site convert clients?
  • How to generate more referrals.
  • What being authentic looks like in the marketing world.


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So how do you track new business, you constantly don’t have to chase it. Hi, I’m Mike Cuevas to real estate marketing. And this podcast is all about building a strong personal brand people have come to know, like trust and most importantly, refer. But remember, it is not their job to remember what you do for a living. It’s your job to remind them. Let’s get started.

What’s up ladies and gentlemen, welcome to their episode of the real estate marketing, dude, podcast. Books we’re chatting about.

Today is a very important topic, I get this question quite a lot, but maybe not as much as our guest. And people always asked me like, kind of, what should I do with like, what do I do when I have a site? First they asked me is do I need a site? And I say, yes, absolutely. If you want to have any type of an online presence, you need something, because people will go visit your site before they ever call you because they want to see what you’re all about. They want to see if they can relate to you and they’re whatnot. But beyond just having a glorified online business card, which a lot of people do in this market, how do you actually have a site that converts? What do you do with it? How do you massage it? How do you work it out, like, if I want a six pack, I’m gonna do less situps. And I’m going to eat healthier, probably stop drinking beer and doing all the above? Well, if you want your site to, you know, start spitting you out business, you need to add to it as well, no differently. Like I have this podcast, you’re listening to this podcast right now, because we’re getting about 40 to 45,000 listens a month. Thank you to you guys. And a result of this content that goes on my website drives people back to our website. And some of you might schedule a demo with a marketing dude this week, because of this podcast. That’s what content creation is. But I create content to consistently add value to our audience. And to keep people coming in this is marketing the same way that we teach you how to market your business on the show, and as a client and whatnot. So what we’re gonna chat about today is that subject, what can you do? What can you do? What can you push? What what do you do with a website? Let’s just sit there. You just look at it. Do you talk to it? How do you massage your website? Make it work for you? Right? So I couldn’t think of a better guest. I want to introduce our guests today. My friend Mr. Jason Fraser with lead pops, Jason wants to say hello to everybody. Hey, what’s up, everyone, I’m excited to be here. Thank you. Thank you, my friend for having me on. I appreciate it. watched everyone a little bit. We are your frickin marketing whiz. He’s like the mark. He’s like a genius at a lot of his marketing ways. And he might be too modest to tell you that. But once you tell him a little bit about your background, cuz you do a lot in the mortgage space and whatnot. But tell us a little quick. And then we’ll get into this

show. And I want to ask you a bunch of questions on how you’re making websites work for people that create clients. Yep, absolutely. Yeah. So my name is Jason Fraser. I go but just by Fraser and I’ve been in the industry since oh nine. I was born into the housing industry. My family owned a mortgage company and also had a family members who were real estate agents as well. So the housing industry is in my blood, but I didn’t get into it till oh nine. Prior to that I worked for Peter Thiel, who some of you may know as the founder of PayPal. So I come I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. So I came from Silicon Valley, technology startups venture capital world, that’s kind of where I lived and then decided to join the family business in oh nine. And I’ve been a part of that I’ve held several executive roles. Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer,

CTO, I’ve run sales teams are in Consumer Direct Marketing, I’ve coached or I am a coach, and I have coached both on the real estate side and the mortgage side. And right now I am the EVP of growth for lead pumps.

Cool, man, so he has a lot of experience. Right now you guys are doing a big

thing and in showing people on how to deal with their sites I want to start with with this and get your first opinion. We’re start at the very basics. Do we need to have a website in our business? Do a mortgage brokers or lenders or real estate agents? If you’re an independent contractor or small business, do you need a website? Yes, you absolutely do. And it’s it’s funny look. And hopefully, if you have a lot, I mean, it sounds like you got a good amount of listeners per month. And so I probably don’t have to let people know this. But if you are one of the Yeah, buts like, oh, yeah, but I’m doing this and yeah, but I’m doing this and yeah, but yeah, you need a website, right? I mean, you’re you’re absolutely insane. If you don’t feel that you need a website right now, I’m not saying you need our one of ours that we do, because honestly, we’re not a website company. But but we provide that but because it’s important, but you absolutely need a website. It’s it the we’re going we’re not backtracking from an online world, right. You need to your online property and websites, how you do it. And, and so, you know, I know we’re gonna talk about a lot of different things. But this is what I want every listener to write down right now because it’s going to be the foundation of everything I talked about because look, there’s always

is a reason to say, hey, but I could do this, I could do that. But here, just because you’re getting business does not mean that you’re losing business. So I’m going to say that again, just because you’re getting business does not mean you’re losing business, right? And so when you don’t have an offer, when you don’t have a website, you’re absolutely missing out on opportunities. There’s no debate in that at all. Look, if websites didn’t matter, you wouldn’t how many times you go to website in a given day? Right? Case Closed? Let’s let’s, let’s stop playing around with that websites are important. But wait, I, I have a page

on my broker’s website.

Why isn’t that suffice? Well, well, actually, there’s two things for that. One is, you can have that. But what I will say and I said this, even during recruiting calls and whatnot to other loan officers, is that you’re not the lenders brand. The lenders brand is you so you’re the face of everyone you’re talking to. If I’m talking to real estate professionals, you’re the face of a kW and exp real what wherever your compass whoever brokerage and look, even though they may have a big bite, and people have heard that name before the consumers and dealing with them, their consumers dealing with you, right, and if you’re a mortgage professional, guess what agents consumers, they’re dealing with you and right and, and I can tell you 100% And the mortgage space, there’s only one main mortgage brand, and that’s rocket. But when people referring people, they don’t say hey, I’m referring movement mortgage, I’m referring loan depot, they’re not referring the company that referring you. And and here’s the plain truth, even if you love the company, chances are you’re not going to work there forever. So you never want to tie everything to your brokerage or your your lender, yes, have that directory page, use it and get an actual we have a solution to help lenders because lenders are definitely not leveraging those those pages. But you need to have your own property where you could tell your own story that can be moved with you otherwise, because guess what, what happens if forget, let’s say you don’t leave them What if they go out of business and look in this market, we’re seeing a lot of people kind of go belly up. And then what happens then if all you’ve been using is something that you don’t control. And if you don’t control the way people can get to you, then you don’t have a business?

Absolutely, you’re the brand. No one’s hiring the bank. That’s why the worst thing you could do as an independent contractor is make your broker more money or more brand. The best thing you could do as an independent contractor is make your broker more money or more brand. You can’t really go wrong either way. Exactly. But you are the brand, guys. So thank you for reinforcing that message. Alright, so yes, spokespeople are gonna go to your site to check you out first, especially if you don’t know them, you know, maybe not so much in the relationship game. Oh, I trust my god, trust by God, great. But let’s be honest, even the people that trust you still go to your website? You just don’t know it yet. Because they’re just sort of like, dude, do I really trust Mike? I mean, last time I saw him, he was pretty drunk. Am I gonna trust him with his house? Like, sometimes you need that little more professional? Not that I got wrong. But you know what I mean? Yeah. But people know you personally don’t always know you don’t always see you in the same light professionally. And it’s more of an authority type thing. So walk me through it, though. Where do most of us go wrong? Because it we both agree on this guy’s you need to say, yep, stop playing the game. If you don’t have a site, you don’t have a brand. If you don’t have a brand, you don’t have a business, and you’re just another salesperson chasing the challenge, just a matter of time till shift takes you out. And that’s what’s happening right now across the industry. So let’s go through and talk about how many people that have a brand during the shift.

Are weathering the storm a little bit better? I mean, have you ever noticed like everyone who has a site has a lot of content on it? You see, I’m pretty active consistently on social media, their marketing consistently? Like, sure business might be down a little bit, but they’re not starving. Is that a coincidence? Is that what is that? No, I mean, absolutely not. And look, there’s what I always say, because as a coach, in fact, I just had this as a call a few days ago, is that it’s never just one thing. It’s a combination of things that you do from a marketing perspective, right? So let me put it this way. If you signed up with lead pops today and got our website and funnels, that would do absolutely nothing for you. Right, I’m gonna say that again. It will do absolutely nothing for you, right? You got to drive traffic to it, you got to use it, you got to put it in your marketing strategy, you got to have a plan for it. You got to do all these different things. And so what I would say for those that are weathering the storm and they say well, I know this guy knew that his website doesn’t look nice or whatever and we’ll get into that of what matters on the website and what doesn’t but the but the point is is that the people that I see it hands down the people that I see that have weathered the storm that are doing deals in markets where someone else some someone’s telling me oh, there’s no deals that have there’s no purchase business. Oh, really? Oh, then how come you know how come Doug’s got 12 loans in his pipeline, right like and six of those are under contract and in a market that you told me is doesn’t have any inventory and not deals because of marketing, right? And that takes all four

Most people think of marketing they’re think, Oh, I gotta be on social media marketing is flyers. Marketing is Billboards, radio marketing is talking to freaking people at the supermarket is doing anything and everything to have conversations with people. That’s what increased conversations equals opportunities. Right. So like, that’s what people need to understand is the people that are actually doing okay right now is because it’s, it’s a consistent long term effect, right? Like they’re trading on stuff that they did 90 days ago, 120 days ago, two months ago, two years ago, right? Those are the people that are okay, right now I have, I have a friend that just got his loan officer license like six months ago, and here and then we’re in a pretty damn competitive market. And he’s doing deals that I know other people have been in this business for two years that are are dying. And it’s like, what’s the difference? Oh, maybe because he’s on social media everyday doing videos, how he’s talking, he’s going out there, he’s doing anything and everything to create to create a sphere of influence, right. So that’s what people are doing. And yes, driving traffic back to his website, so that you could capture that information.

The only recession proof or shift proof business model is your personal brand, you guys, you can’t like not feed the beast, because when you don’t, and you rely on lead sources or other things you don’t control, like a lot of the people. And I don’t know how you might see this more in the mortgage space. But I know a lot of people who are relying on Zillow leads or leads once that market shifts and the consumer mentality shifts, well, you can no longer rely on that source of just independent business, because it just you know, the numbers just don’t work anymore. So you can never rely on stuff you can’t control. And it’s only a matter. It’s a house of cards waiting for when you do that. And I like how you said that it’s a cumulative cumulative that I say that correctly approach to marketing, it’s direct mail, it’s flyers, it’s the picture you have, it’s the consistent of videos you’re doing. And it’s a it’s an overall communication strategy. Marketing is not advertising, is it? No, advertising is a form of marketing. But can you explain the difference so that people see that? Because you can’t you do a little bit of both, right. But

I think people often confuse that. Yeah, cuz so I mean, to put it simply, right, it’s because in look, we could get into the full stack of marketing, but advertising is AP, is that, right? Like, it’s putting your replays on a billboard, it’s doing something at a supermarket, it’s, it’s running ads, right? That is advert to putting something in a magazine or a paper or whatever that is advertising. That’s a part of marketing. But like I said, marketing is you having conversations marketing is, is an extension of sales. In fact, I always like break down those barriers, sales is marketing, marketing and sales, right? Anytime you’re having a conversation, guess what you’re selling yourself, you’re selling your services, you’re selling your products, that is marketing, right? Like it’s putting any type of positive and positive spin or diagnosing of like a challenge and solution to someone so that you can bring them in and help them right. So that’s the difference. Really, when it comes down to marketing and advertising. They’re not one in the same. Advertising is a piece of marketing. But marketing is not a piece of advertising, right? And it’s one of those things, it’s just one comes before the other and if you’re just doing advertising and nothing else, you’re gonna have a hard time. It’s very tough. Very tough, because you’re just, it’s hard. It’s almost impossible nowadays. Alright, so what am I what should I be doing now? You know, like, what, what should I be doing right now? I’m all I create content. Okay, so get really loud gets super loud. What do you tell all your peeps? Yeah, I mean, for, you know, kind of going back to one of the original questions as far as like, you know, what you should be doing is, is, is when it’s your website, and what, when what you think is important or what not? It like, it’s not like, Guess what, consumers don’t care, right? They don’t care about your as much as people like, look, Simon Sinek has done a great job at like, doing the why and having those talks and everyone feels good and wants to hug each other afterward. But guess what? The consumer cares about three things write themselves in the morning noon, and after supper, right? I think Dell Carnegie said that. That’s the consumer doesn’t care about your why that they don’t buy why you do things, right. They don’t know you yet. So they don’t give a crap about you and why you do things until they know you and like you, then they will learn about you and your why and all that other stuff. But instead, people make all these websites to make it all pretty and nice and do all these things when the consumer doesn’t care about that. And look, I have the data because we have 2500 plus customers of websites that I look at the heat maps to see where people are paying their pay attention to and all they care about is above the fold, meaning your hero section which is like your image, video, whatever, you got to have a strong headline, sub headline, a call to action and tell them where they need to go. That’s what lead pops. We don’t focus on making very pretty websites even though we do we focus on conversion, because that’s all that matters. Do you want a nice looking website? Or do you want a nice looking website that converts? Right, I think and if you said if you don’t then get out of the business because you’re going to you’re going to starve right unless you have someone else to speak and a lot of money for you and

And so when it comes to that guy’s like people actually on the mortgage side, you know, for your all your mortgage listeners

get choked up about this. But when the is that you send people to your Apply Online link, we call that apply or die. It’s, it’s the worst thing you could do you put someone that doesn’t know you, like you, or even trust you into an instant buying decision of something that’s going to be their biggest financial transaction in their life.

So like, give me your it’s like, an ask for like, the social security number and like, like, yeah,

why not? Right? Yeah, let’s just let’s just do that. Like, look, guys, like, that’s, that’s not how we do it, you know, we evolve, things change. And so. So that’s, that’s the what you guys got to figure out. And that’s what we focus on. We focus on conversion, we focus on you know, soft, yes. Ladders and stuff to get people saying yes, yes, yes. And then you hit him. And then eventually you it’s just it’s funnel marketing, very simplistic. And then, you know, to your, you know, to your question about content. Look, right now, I’ll tell you right now, who’s going to win in this market, the people with the largest databases with the highest amount of trust, right you want if you want to create a never ending, and look this, this is future proof, right? It doesn’t matter and a down market, up market, middle market, it doesn’t matter where you are, Phil, if you want to have a never ending pipeline, you need to talk to people and put people in your database. And here’s one fundamental rule of marketing that everyone needs to understand. And look, you could anyone could argue with me, debate me challenge me on it, but I will throw right back at him the proof that I’m right, and that is whoever spends the most amount to acquire customer wins. Right?

And if you see that with like, like, look at look at how many, you mentioned Zillow earlier, right? There’s a reason why an agency you actually helped this happen and mortgage providers mortgage lenders to, but that no one gets more real estate traffic than Zillow. Right? And there’s a reason for that, right? Because they spent the money they did what they did they did the you know, the the frog and kind of a slow boil pot. Right, you know, it didn’t know that it was getting boiled, but it did. And then on the mortgage side, same with like rocket right. Even though they’ve been they’ve been knocked down, you know, by UW M. That it’s, it’s they spent money on marketing, right? Zillow spent a lot of money on marketing, rockets, biggest expense is marketing. But there’s a reason for that. So you got to understand that you got to put yourself out there, you got to be marketing every single day because you got to be filling that database, and then understand this very fundamental rule when it comes to lead generation. Everybody’s a lead, but not everyone’s a prospect. Right? And you got to you got to differentiate to everyone, like just talk to someone, they raise their hand and automatically they’re a prospect before you qualify and renew anything to do it. Right. This is sells one on one. Right? So you just got to understand that you’re having conversations with everyone, because you want everyone you can in your database. Because the more conversations you have, the more deals you’re going to do. Yep, books 10 to 15% of the people on your Facebook feed. Following you connect with on Instagram you run across in the grocery store you see at your kids soccer games, and baseball games, they’re moving this year. Most of them don’t know it yet. But all 100% of them have referral for you. In a referral dominated business, like don’t overthink this stuff. But if you’re not thought of first

you that gets passed up, that’s just an opportunity. So like 80% of people I don’t do you know, the number for the mortgage space. I know in the real estate agents 80% of people over it’s like 80, for some like that hire the first person they meet with, you know, what that is in the lending space is similar? It? I don’t know, I don’t know what it is in the mortgage space. I’ve never really i But to me, I kind of take that as like, because I look at look at it this way. A consumer is a consumer regardless of product, right? So I would imagine those percentages are roughly going to be the same because I will say this and you may you’ll probably notice on the real estate side, at large and and in the mortgage space, the retention of that once you do a deal with the consumer, the retention is about 23% or 22% of that customer and I think in the real estate, it’s in the teens last time I saw that you do a good job doesn’t mean that they’re coming back, right? Yeah, well, that’s because people stopped talking to him in the real estate space, like 80% of people forgot their agents name like the agents name, they don’t even know the first name anymore after six months, because we don’t stay in touch with them. And if you’re having a problem with that, guys, I’m going to take a shameless plug real quick you need to get to referral All right referral Because all we do is farm your database and make it really simple. I just need one to two hours a month from you and that’s about it. And people stop forgetting you exist but back to the show.

Yes, that’s it’s crazy that we don’t stay in front of them but we don’t look at past business as future transactions because we’re too short sighted. You don’t spike the football on loan number one you spike the football and referral number four from the person you sold loan when were one four years ago. That’s when you spike the football in these types of relationship based businesses guys, don’t be so short sighted.


Alright, so what do you do now? Give me some advice. What are we going to do with the market? How do I get loud? What do I how do I get more and more conversations? What kind of activities specifically should I be doing?

Yeah, I mean, that’s a good question. And to me, I think it’s like I mentioned the beginning, it’s a combination of things that you need to have a an omni channel, attack writer strategy, and that’s social media. And that doesn’t mean you have to be on everything doesn’t mean you have to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, every channel is different. For first and foremost, it’s understand where your audience is, right? That’s, that’s first and look, I could even go even back more and say, hey, you need to have a CRM and all that other stuff. But look, that the fact that it’s 2023, and we’re still having the conversation and trying to convince, I’m still trying to convince people on social media, which is stupid, but I’ve also got to the point, I don’t know if it’s my age, or just because I’ve been in this industry long enough. But like, I stopped trying to convince, as soon as I get into any type of conversation, I’m like, is this not for me?

Okay, good, fantastic. There’s no nothing for me to talk about, because we’re already going to lose. And so either you’re gonna lose today, you’re gonna lose down the road, but you will lose, right? And, and so

you need to be you need to be putting yourself out there right in and look, I could get into the stupid stuff of like, hey, you need to be telling stories. And, and obviously, you know, we’re on this podcast to be doing video, right? The fact that we’re still having conversations about the importance of video is freaking ridiculous to me, too. But that’s what you need to be doing and understanding where one understand your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Where are they at? And then what problem you’re solving for them and under and going deep. And I have this issue with loan officers all the time, is that there’s reasons people are buying and selling, right? It’s not simply because they want to move, there’s a reason why they want to move. Understand that because the more the more specific right and personalise your messaging is, is going to be 10x to 20x more effective than what your competition is doing. Right. In fact, I’d say it’s even more and it’s because our competition looks for the least path of resistance, they look for the easy way out, they look for shortcuts, they look for hacks, they want to do anything but work when it comes to marketing and putting stuff out there, right? Or they’ll buy leads because they think that’s deals on a platter. It isn’t right and so and I’ve done this both on the real estate side and the mortgage side, and

so you should be putting content out there you absolutely should be using hyperlocal marketing strategies and your business because people care about where they live. You should also be using email marketing, right? Like that kind of went out of style was starting to go out of style not too long ago, but now it’s it’s made a pretty big comeback. And I’ll tell you this email is your only one to one connection that you’re going to have because guess what you do not you This is why you don’t build a mansion on rented land, right? Like you don’t control Facebook, you don’t control Instagram, every time I hear someone complain about the Facebook algorithm or the you know, the Instagram algorithms like what do you think they were going to do? Do you think they were just going to be free and fun and fair for their entire life, they’re a business they need to make money so just get over it so that but but if you have an online property, you have that one to one connection via email, that’s how you stay in front of it. That’s how you control you track your traffic because if you don’t do that, then you could get slapped by Google with an algorithms change and if you’re running ads, those I remember running like Zillow long form in the beginning when I was doing Consumer Direct, right oh, it was really nice getting those 12 to $14 leads but guess what, when two years went by and those were 60 the ad right and then you’re looking at a three to 4% conversion rate maybe a six to nine month nurture right like that’s real money we’re talking about except but guess what, you just completely went into their basket you are completely dependent on them so you had no you know, no choice but the pay to play none of these companies are evil right we make them evil because of what of the of their practices but what we gave them the power to do it so what are we complaining complaining about beat them right compete don’t just stop doing it. I I have people I hate and it’s crazy to me like I get it on the real estate side. Not really but I do.

On the mortgage side. If you are paying any type of money to Zillow, you are insane, you are insane and your main bread and membrane will shout out to Cypress Hill. They’re for dinosaurs like me, but Cypress Hill, but But it’s insane because on a lender, they’re they they are a lender. Zillow is a mortgage lender. And then when everyone comes back, man, it’s like well, this and that. And I’m like me ask you this. You’re at loan depot, right? Yeah. Malone depot, would you pay movement? Would you pay movement mortgage for leads? Oh, absolutely not. What’s the difference? Extra zero. And so that that’s what I’m saying, Guys, you got to control your traffic. You got to control your sources of income. You got to control where the consumer is going to find you. Because that’s the only way you’re going to stay relevant long term and not be dependent on someone else for your success. Because that’s never a winning formula.

He hit it on the head.

So many people aren’t using email, we’re video emailing consistently, every month, we’re going to 40% open rate. And the videos have nothing to do with real estate or lending or anything. They’re like talking about a restaurant, their community, their local. And it’s just reminders, you don’t need to, like when we’re just there’s different types of databases and

the warm database are like all the list of people who all have the potential to refer or do business with you. And staying in touch with that audience. And those people the 200 to 300 400 people you invite to your wedding or funeral with an unlimited budget on both are the ones that you just nurture and you’re not nurturing, like, just staying in touch with people, if you don’t own your own data, you’re in the data collection business, just like I am, like, I listened to my stats, I want to build my email list because the larger my list or my database grows, the more opportunity I have to sell more people our services. So we don’t in the industry don’t nurture any of the relationships we have. And then they get pissed when you log on the Facebook Like fuck, they just bought a house and they forgot I was in the business. Dude, you gotta like farm these people, you farm them with content, it’s very simple. And you have to nurture and keep in touch with people because it’s a giant popularity contest. Nobody wants to go interview a bunch of lenders or realtors, like, that’s like the last thing I want to do. Can you imagine like, going on a speed dating round with a bunch of mortgage brokers like I’d rather watch fucking paint dry. And same thing with realtors, they just want to know they could trust the first person they meet with will start becoming the first person they meet with you do that by getting really loud, you’re adding value to other people’s lives connecting with people. You don’t have to pitch them or sell your freakin interest rates or, or go see a house and every conversation you have. But you do need to remind them what you do for a living. And that’s very simple to do.

Well, that dude, very well said, Any closing thoughts

you have here for people? Yeah, and you know, I’ll put my coaching hat on here for a second is Look, I told you what to write down in the beginning, which was you know, just because you’re making you’re doing business doesn’t mean you’re losing business. And I’ll tell you this is you gotta write, it’s kind of like a Venn diagram, you gotta write two circles. One is what you want to hear and what you need to hear, right? And be very honest with yourself and what you want to be told and what you need to be told, right, and then the intersection of those two, that’s where the gold is, right? Because that’s something that you’re going to lean into and do. And if you don’t find that, then you got an issue, and you got it. And you gotta kind of audit yourself on what you’re doing. But you know, to a lot of the stuff that we talked about, about, you know, being you know, one is the nurture processes, you should be spending as much money, if not more on your retention, and your post close as you do trying to acquire that customer, right, you spend more money on the people you do know, as opposed to the people you don’t know. And we don’t do that at all. Because it’s not sexy. It’s not instant gratification. It’s not instant ROI. So we you know, we forget about it, we leave it to some you know, crappy CRM post drip about winterizing your pipes, pumpkin pie recipes, you know, fall back, spring forward, all that other nonsense that turn back the clock and turn back to you know, we’re, that’s not going to keep you top of mind. Right. And that’s why that community piece is so relevant is because as as a sales professional, especially in a community, is that is that you all you care about is attention and awareness of who you are. That’s all you should care about. Right? It doesn’t have to be about your house, or being a mortgage professional or any of that other stuff. Right? Yes, tell them what you do make sure that that’s part of your content strategy. But if someone just does did it, if you just sold someone’s house, right, they don’t care about the rest of the houses you’re selling or any of that other stuff, right? You got a segment that database and talk to him about stuff that they’re going to care about, right? Because one of the things that we have going for us more than any other sales profession, is that we that we help people achieve dreams create stickiness, create generational wealth, right fame, you know, really create happy situations that go to the emotion and heart. So there’s automatic stickiness there. So the only reason that we screw that up is because we screw that up. Right? So that you know, so that’s what’s super important to all you guys know, you know, for all you guys to know. And then this is the last thing that I’ll leave you with, is that you got to understand that your marketing starts before that consumer consumer even knows who you are, right? That is when your marketing starts. Because you never know when they’re saying and before you could tell me that you sold something over list and over the last two years. Congrats, I’m sure that was very hard. But like, you know, doing stuff over list, you know, sell stuff in 10 days, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, before they’re to close the credit clinicals before you can tell me any of that. I have to know who you are. If I don’t know who you are, then you’re not relevant. Right? And don’t let the last two are 2020 and 2021. Don’t let that unicorn yours fool you into thinking you have something that you don’t and look Don’t Don’t get me wrong. I say all of this out of passion and love for this industry. I mentioned my story in the beginning. I’m here for life. And so I want all of the true professionals to win.

But here’s the thing gotta understand is don’t let those things for you. Right? You got to understand that the markets are going. And we could be in a market like this. If you look at historical data, and look, everyone wants to be rosy. Everyone wants the interest rates to be what they are, and inventory and all that stuff. If you look at swings, this could be a five to 10 year swing of being this being the normalized market. So guess what? Guess what? Get dressed, put, roll up your sleeves, put in the work and do what needs to be done. But marketing is going to be the most important thing that you do for your business from now on going forward. Why don’t you tell them where they can find you guys? They want to learn more. Yeah, if you guys want to, you guys could always look I’m all over social media. So you know Frazier real I’m the real cmo on all social media channels. And then you can also check us out at lead Appreciate it folks. If you’re going to struggle with what to create Why don’t you join the next content creator challenge you can visit www dot real estate content creator challenge will give you 30 days of content was from video email to memes to creating short form real to long form videos, you’re actually going to take action do them, learn how to do them. It’s not as hard as you think it is. But that’s why we do these challenges. And it’s only $49 to go ahead and visit WWW dot real estate content creator and join this month’s challenge which starts on March 14. Dude, appreciate you coming on to the show. We had a great time. Folks. Listen, this is like feel like we speak the same language man keep it up and folks just take action. Get Loud, start creating a whole lot of content. It’s how you start marketing its content marketing, make sure everyone when they think of real estate or lending thinks of your name. When that term comes up, and as long as that happens, you will always attract business despite market conditions. So you guys next week, thank you for watching another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. If you need help with video or finding out what your brand is, visit our website at WWW dot real estate marketing We make branding and video content creation simple and do everything for you. So if you have any additional questions, visit the site, download the training and then schedule time to speak with a dude and get you rolling in your local marketplace. Thanks for watching another episode of the podcast. We’ll see you next time.

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