The Art of the Cold Call

We may all be over cold calling, but we can’t pretend it isn’t an art form and occasionally a necessary skill. Today we are going over what it takes to close luxury listings with just some good, old fashioned cold calling.


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So how do you track new business, you constantly don’t have to chase it. Hi, I’m Mike Cuevas to real estate marketing. And this podcast is all about building a strong personal brand people have come to know, like trust and most importantly, refer. But remember, it is not their job to remember what you do for a living. It’s your job to remind them. Let’s get started.

What’s up ladies and gentlemen, welcome another episode of the real estate marketing, dude, podcast, folks, we’re gonna be chatting about today’s luxury listing. That’s one of the top questions we see in all the Facebook groups. A lot of the questions we get written in the show, and they’re always like, hey, how do I get luxury listings? And usually, my response is, Well, you got to hang out with the people who focus on those homes. Because if you don’t, that’s how you build a relationship with them. Right? That’s actually how Josh Altman got a start. If you ever read his book, Josh Altman used to hang out in the Starbucks. I think I have his book right here in my library somewhere. But he used to hang out in the Starbucks. That’s how he got his first listing he heard overheard eavesdropping in the line, some athlete was selling his house, he threw his coffee way, gets behind them and starts a conversation. And that was how he got his first listing. But he put himself in that environment. So what we’re going to do today is our guest is going to prove me wrong and every single way, because he’s really good at something I’m not. And most Realtors aren’t, to be honest with you either. But that’s why it’s probably working for him and what he’s an expert in is actually going about and getting luxury listings. But starting that prospecting journey on the phone. We’re talking about possible cold calling, and I don’t know yet we’re gonna get into an interview him, but this is phone prospecting, and I can’t do it. I hate sales. I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. I can’t pick up the phone and call someone and try to sell my shit. I like when they come to me. But I do know phone prospecting works very well and our other company owner advocate, we are creating all of our seller leads through cold calling, and we’re cold calling certain aspects. So it does work. Yes, but this dude’s gonna give us the magic. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and introduce our guest George dilemmas. Did I say that correctly? Yes, you did. Right. Damn, I know that. I was taking notes when you said it a couple of times. That’s why. But let’s just say hello to your guests. Tell us a little bit about yourself who you are, where you’re at. And I got all kinds of questions for you.

Absolutely. Again, my name is Georgia lamas. I’m located here in the Panhandle in Florida. You’re probably asking what the heck is that? Well, that’s in a historic part of this is called 30. A. That’s where all our vacationers come down and investors it’s also Destin, Florida is in that area. Lifetime, vacationers come down here as well. And yes, big part of my business sold over 100 million. And I’d say 99% of that’s come through phone prospecting, whether it’s expired listings, just sold pendings. If I see a significant sale, maybe get to know the neighborhood a little bit call in. And basically, I’d love to kind of run through that. See if I can give some good knowledge out to everybody.

That’s crazy. How long have you been in the business first?

I’ve been in the business I got my license in 2013. Probably didn’t start till end of 14 or 15. I think more than 14 I was still full time in another job.

And are you from your local geographic area? Or did you transplant in or

numbers from Boston grew up there? Spent a quite a few years down in South Florida as a little kid moved back up to Boston came up to this area by chance and yeah, that’s really it really came up here by chance? No, definitely didn’t know anybody didn’t have a sphere really had nothing. You just went to work.

That’s why I ask is that because you know, when you have a sphere real estate is not that difficult. You stay in friendly relationships, and it’ll provide consistency in your business, you might not get superduper rich, you’ll have to prospect for that. However, you could have a consistent and make a very good income just off relationships as long as you have them. But when you don’t, what do you do? Right? So alright, let’s get into this. So talk to me about why phone prospecting first and is this the first thing you’ve ever done? Did you ever try anything else out and you stumbled into this? Why did you how did you end up on the phone? Because most of us run away from us?

Sure. So when I started out I mean literally our first year is like throwing spaghetti at the wall right? See what sticks here. Back in the day. I was blogging, back back loading SEO to try to get mine right. I’ll tell you though, I did it and like I get on the first page but then I would you know inbound wasn’t coming right. I would sit open houses i I’d like to but I didn’t really love it. I didn’t really ever like dealing with buyers. I’d rather blow my brains out and having to drive around for days with people hats off to those who do it. So how do they get into it? I started going on YouTube how to how to get listings. I started studying listings, how they sold you know, the photos were bad description was bad. I started studying like, why did this happen? And I stumbled across a guy from Massachusetts so I probably gravitated to him being there. And I saw his YouTube video He did live calls and I literally write down the scripts. What did he say? How did he say it? So that was really the starting to it. And then I just started calling scared as hell phone ring. Don’t answer, don’t answer, don’t answer that answer and stumble. But I have excitement. I have energy, like, because I would go back years later and go, Why the hell did someone listen with me? I had no clue what I was doing. But I just didn’t stop. So that was the evolution started there. And then just over time, I studied my craft every day. I’m probably like you, you know, tons of reading, looking into things. Why do people say certain things? How does the brain work? When somebody says something? What’s subconscious do? And that’s what I really did.

There’s an art to it. It’s not so much like if you know how to like, it’s very similar to dating guys. But there’s an art to it, right? You gotta like, you gotta get an interest. Because let’s be honest, like I get all the today I get all the might be what’s up might be spam, or what’s the word on your phone? Again, like spam likely? And I’m like, I’m not picking that up, you know, like all the time. So I mean, that’s even gotten harder, and you’re still having success. So start at the beginning here. How do we find the people to call? What’s you grabbing data sets? Are you targeting anyone distressed? Where you call him? And how do you know they’re likely to move? And then like, how do we narrow the list out first, we’ll start with that.

Depending on your market, now, this market doesn’t have as many expireds that’s how I kind of cut my teeth on it back in 15. It was an old market, which were kind of returning to now and obviously some parts of distress. But so I would start there, I would get one of those local services, whether it was red X volken. Seven, I like Vulcan seven personally no endorsement, of course, but I used to use it. And it would pour in that day, you’d see all the expires, all the cancels. And then I would be I would really pick and choose even at that point. And this is no offense, anybody I didn’t want to deal with the $500,000. Seller. For the markets I was in. They were almost first time home sellers. Lot. It was for all the work to do for there. Why not go after bigger ones. So I’d see ones that would expire? One to 2 million, 3 million, 4 million some cases up to 10. So that’s the first start.

Quick question, do you find that a lot of people go after that higher end expired? Or do you feel like people get a little bit timid and scared away from that? Like, I wonder how many people are actually calling luxury? Like, how many people are calling the $10 million expired? Sure.

Over. So here, our average price point on 30 days? Shoot? Well, it was up as high as like 2.2 million. It’s obviously come down. So yes, which somebody call it 10 million. And they don’t get as many calls now. Because number one, like you said, scared as hell to do it. The ego protects us, right? Ego says, hey, they probably wouldn’t want us they don’t they don’t want anybody calling their phone. So yeah, that stops them. The ego when you start telling yourself a story, oh, I shouldn’t call their day, they probably already have an agent and go back with their agent and start telling that story. But yeah, I’d ask, Hey, you know, Mark, I’m curious man, you must be your phone must be blown out. You’re getting all these calls about your home coming off? Like no, not really. And I’d start tracking that. So okay, anything over 5 million, the calls dropped way off.

Interesting. Good point, guys. Take notes. Man. That’s a really interesting point that somebody got said, Okay, who else other than expires? What are you doing now?

Also a little bit expired. Again, not much. But more. It’s just sold pendings. Now, I will say, you know, I’m part of a team I was invited to join a couple years ago, it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. But it also gives us an opportunity to market around our own sales, of course. So we’ll do a lot of that. And a lot of that, I will say it’s not the lowest hanging fruit so that you’d have thick skin or it’s going to be a lower conversion rate. But you’re calling you’re just educating them. Hey, great news. I don’t know if you saw the Carter sent over. as well. I’ll put a scannable code on it where they can watch a video I’ll talk about the product sold. Just let them know what happened. Hey, great news. market is starting to flatten out. But your neighborhood property just wandered to contract and 15 days it was listed at $1,100 a square foot. I’m shocked to see that I’m just extremely happy. I wanted to share it with you guys. Hey, before I let you go, Mark, I am curious, though, if you could get a strong price like this. Would you have any consideration in selling right now? What’s you know? What’s your thoughts? Then you just get into a real conversation. Now. Truth be told, I’ve done this so many times. I’ve had repetition. Oh, so you could say one thing over time I’ve learned it’s a practical intelligence, knowing what to say how to say it for the highest value? I’ll find I’ll know ahead. So you might say no, no, we’re not going to sell right now. Okay, I understand that, you know, but what price point you say no to or if you were to sell? Is this more of a time based thing that you have to wait six months, or you just don’t have somewhere else to go up to this? Because these are investment homes. So if it’s off the beach, maybe ask hey, you know, I’m curious. I love it’s interesting. If you could ever sell anything closer to the beach, would that be like the dream? Would you want to do that? And just kind of get into it from there.

But yeah, you just said some interesting these are investees like second homes. Yeah. so nice in your market. So that’s interesting. She got a lot out of state people might not be privy to like What the hell’s going on every day and whatnot. And that’s to your advantage. It’s not it is

a cheat code here. You’re right, because they don’t have an agent. And most of the time, let’s be really honest with ourselves, right? What’s the old NAR stat? 80% of people loved their pest agent. It’s even probably higher than that. How many times they use them again? And then the numbers dropped way down.

18%? Yes, you guys fail to stay in touch with them?

Exactly. So even here, it’s even easier because out of sight out of mind, I don’t see them. So if I can get a relationship started, if they don’t want to sell right then you’re not we’re not thinking about selling right now. Great. And of course, we get the follow up process started emails video, and then

in front of them run from there. Yeah. Interesting. I like this a lot. Guys. There’s a lot of nuggets. We’re unpacking over here. Out of curiosity, you just said that. The market in you’re in? You’re in Florida, I’m in San Diego. And is the market depreciating? there right now, currently DLLs are a values and how much have a hit? has it taken in the last six months?

Sure. It here it’s really it’s a it’s a it’s not a strange thing. It’s unique. We’re having some neighborhoods that have I would say in my words completely pulled back. You know, they were at, let’s say 2 million. They’re lucky to get now at one eight, in some cases, right, because they have too much inventory temper stuff, right, like 2022. But some of the waterfronts we’re still seeing 2200 square foot 2400 square foot, now there’s less of it. And I will say the sellers and buyers, it’s a it’s a war because there’s good inventory, and then there’s bad. And the bad inventory is overpriced and not turnkey. The good inventory is priced closer to market. And as beautiful finishes completely redone. Even the furniture is upgraded. Because for our market, that’s an important things people buy the homes furnished. And that way they can walk in they’ll do it. But yeah, I mean, sales drop off with 30%. Less than last year, I handled the numbers this week. But if I had about 30% Less transactions. Yep.

And you guys just work hard, harder. I mean, that’s the opportunity zone itself, because a lot of the agents who just list a house on the MLS wait for the buyer to come. You know they’re gonna reality is when the shifts happen, you want a business, it happened last time, it’s gonna happen again, probably. But for those of you who are listening, actually doing the ship full time, you have an opportunity, you’re gonna have to grind like we all did. I grinded, when I started this dude grinds every fucking day. And if you’re not grinding, like you’re not going, there’s no easy button in this business. And whatever that grind is for you. For me, it was content creation. For George, it’s calling. And there’s a thing out there for you guys. Alright, let’s go to the art of the call here. Because this is interesting. I don’t know if we should roleplay this or what but walk me through. I’m a seller, all of a sudden you interrupt my day with a call. And this is more of like a circle prospecting thing. You’re just starting to build a relationship through a phone call getting their information and then farming them essentially. Is that what I’m hearing here? Yeah,

I mean, that’s good, especially now that the markets come down, you’re it goes right back to what it was from 2015 to 2019. Okay. And the call, you’re right, so you hit it, and it’s different tonalities but the opening is very simple. We don’t want to waste your time because again, as you said a little while ago when you look at your phone, and scam likely because you know what you build that habit up in your subconscious to say that salesperson narrator is telling you don’t pick that phone up. Yep. Well, I get you on the phone. It’s very simple. The tonality straightforward. So Hey, Mark, and like, yeah, in the south, I do a couple things that are different than I would in where I was before, but the South is the uptick. A mark, right there. It’s like do I know this person? A mark. It’s George, local agent here in Destin. Hey, the reason for my condo keep it quick. I saw your home came off the market. I’m sure you’re getting a bunch of calls from people telling you to sell your house in 30 days, cash buyers and all that stuff. They’ll usually say yeah, they’re calling. Oh, cool. I wasn’t calling about that. The reason I was calling I was looking at the photos of your house. I have to ask this how in the world did this thing not sell? You got a beautiful kitchen? You know, it looks like you have a bigger lot.

Calm I’m millennium. Yep.

Implied compliment. And then the way I look at it, I become their friend. Right? Because I will say that that line right there. Three weeks ago was worth 7.6 million of a listing I got because when we got to did the phone call to get it sat down with him. I asked the NSA I’m just curious. I know we have great side trails, sales track history, but what made you invite me to your house? He knows well. No one ever asked me why my home didn’t sell it. So you know all the stuff we study and we take surveys as we talk to people we know that line works. Yeah, so we asked that line. You know, because we’re generally interesting. This house is beautiful happen. They’ll tell us and they bash their agent. I will tell you this 100% Don’t do that. Don’t join in. Just say I I can say, hey, I get it. You know, sometimes we hire people with the best intentions doesn’t work out. It is what it is. Go right to the next question is usually it’s always an ARB, typically, because we want to give them opportunities to answer not yes or no. Hey, Mark, I’m curious. You told me you’re taking it off. We’ll understand that. But if you had sold this, we’re going to reinvest here locally, are you going to cash out? Take your bag of money and head for the hills? Let him answer. And all we’re doing is building up rapport. Yeah. And then we start, we start positioning ourselves like, Hey, if you are going to put it back on, we have the conversation, you know, will become a problem solver. Yep. You know, George, I was thinking about, you know, cashing out, maybe reinvesting in, you know, upstate Georgia, a lot of Mountain House, we’re interested. And, you know, I will push on the pain a little bit, but I’ll just say, Wow, is that dream dead? Now? You know, the agent, unfortunately, couldn’t do it. Is that dream dead? Well, we’re not really sure. Well, what if there was a preference? Which would you still want to hold on to this and not get to Georgia? Or if you could find a different solution and move? Or move your equity to the next house? Would you want to do that? What’s the best choice for you? And they’re really motivated, we’ll get to it. And if they’re not, then we just simply go back into, like you said, get the email, follow up, stay in touch, educate them through our videos and talking about market updates. And then hopefully, one day secure that listening.

Did you guys catch the importance of the tonality in the beginning, and I tell us all the time for people that we create content for is that the tonality is everything, no one’s gonna remember what you’re saying. They remember how you’re seeing it. If you notice the pitch in his voice right at the beginning, and he said that on purpose, he goes, it’s got to be a little op ed in the south, because you got to play you got to chameleon, with these people. And you got to mirror them. And when you do that, they’re subliminally more attracted to you. I remember one of my old agents. I started when I was in Chicago at a brokerage and then I tried to do lead generation for agents and no one could ever convert. Like, it was just I just gave up. But I would record their phone calls. And, and we were I was bringing in a ton of calls. We’re getting inbound calls like crazy. But then when I would listen to this one guy was one agent on my team and he was like, this is this is how he sounded when he go. And they were their inbound calls. Okay, these weren’t outbound. These are inbound leads sellers calling. You go. Hello? Yes. Oh, hold on a second. Let me grab my pen. That was his opening line. Let me grab my fucking pen. Are you shitting me? Like, let me grab my pen so I can sell you something as all he said. And I’m like, and his tone was so off like it made me hurt. How important is that tonality?

Oh, it’s everything. It’s like you just said because even I tracked back when I used to call when I told you I would think back and I took my as a friend. I always talk to him in California, we always prospect back and forth and conversations. And one thing we both joke about how the hell did somebody pick us? We didn’t know we’re talking about we didn’t know how to close efficiently. But what we did do and it brings you right back to what you said the tonality. Yeah, now as time went on, and there’s a guy that I always credit with me, and I quote, he coached me for a month and put me on track to get higher listings. And when we did that, he was trained by Jordan Belfort program, and I really dove deep into the tonality, because there’s stuff he does like the Whisper. You know, like, sometimes I may get into a situation where I’m like, you know, Mark, can I tell you why that scares the hell out of me that you’re thinking about using the same agent. And then you can come up, you know, my energy comes up, I might know, for me, I had to have an internal thing that says, George, stop speaking so fast. That’s awesome. Yeah. So you’re right, there’s going to be times where NL you put down in really, what makes you say that you can come up, you can come down, you know, a lot of times too. And this isn’t a tonality part, but asking permission, giving them the ability to say no, Hey, Mark, would it be okay, if I’m direct with you right here? And then they’ll Yeah, of course, what is it and then that’s a way to get your point across without having to be too salesy or talking too much, because they give you that permission. Now, of course, be direct, but I gotta tell you the plan you have set up, I’ve seen it happen before. The percentage of it working out for you to get this money out is probably not in your best interest. And can I explain why we’re going to it? But the tonality if you hit it right in the head, sometimes I will whisper over my tongue really down and elongate words. You know, Mark, how in the world did that not sell? I work on that crap so much that sometimes people will laugh. They started laughing because they’re like, I don’t know. I don’t know how my household doesn’t sell. And then you can you can feel that come back to you and you’re talking to him, and it gets you you do it enough times it registers like in my brand new binder, you pause the slightest bit when I asked, Hey, this is Georgia, my local agent here in town, and you can hear them. And I know Mike, you’ve been getting calls, haven’t you? Yeah. I mean, I gotta tell you, you get the worst the worst calling because they’re not trained on what to do and how to work and help you efficiently And then we kind of go into it. But the tonality without it. It’s, you’re right. It’s like, Hello, how are you? What are you doing? It stays flat. Well, that’s, it’s

why I hang up when I get cold calls from India because I can hear the boiler room in the background of people without making outbound calls. And you just hear me like, dude, I’m gonna, I’m on the other end of the sales floor, like, fuck off. You know, like, I don’t want to talk to you. Alright, so this is cool. I like this a lot. The second piece, though, is that he did in his coffee, he hasn’t paid attention and taking notes was that he differentiated himself. And instantly, he told them the opposite of what everyone else was telling them. He knows what they’re already telling them. Right? Is that accurate? Correct. Yeah. So tonality match, then differentiate what the fox in it for you him or the color and then what makes you any different from everybody else. And agents aren’t commodity guys, sometimes just listening and caring is the difference?

That we’re, we’re the number one team here so we can talk about our numbers. But if you go right into like, if you’re, if you’re a kick ass agent in that neighborhood and sell all the homes, right, and my home comes off, yes. People want to work with winners. We know that right? Well, any walk of life we want. That’s why we cheer for athletes, we go to the best restaurants, we try to go to the best things here near because people want to be affiliated with winners, right? But if you go in and you’re like, oh my god, you know, last year, we sold this to did it and you start talking about yourself too much. You can even lose them there. Yeah, 100%. That’s not about because you leave the conversation, you’ll feel great. Oh, man, I just told Mark that we sold the most homes here on the water. He’s got to choose me. But then an agent comes in and basically shifts to I’m a problem solver. I’m going to put all my energy into this. But let’s really dive deep dive, what exactly do you need to get to this house to make it for you to move? Now, I’ll get to that part. And then I’ll reintroduce myself and say, hey, you know, I didn’t mentioned at the beginning mark, but I had to tell you this. We’re the number one team here. We sell XYZ last year, and I might bang in my chest and show you how impressive I am. I’m only saying this because if you do decide to sell your house again, you can feel great inside knowing that this is the transactions we handle day in and day out. And we can sell this house, it’s just going to be a matter of either fine tuning the marketing, maybe we’ll see some stuff in the house that we may want to change a little bit. Or maybe you do have to adjust your price. But before we get into that, and then we go into another question and then close from there. Love it.

Let’s get to the video stuff. Then you just carry on the conversation questions question based selling, you know, like pagan Mike ferry course, if you guys want to learn more about that, let’s get into the nurturing. So I think that’s where the conversion happens. So you’re, I just want to know, like, what’s your expectation to me talking to you? Like, I don’t think you give a shit. If you get a listing appointment on the first one. I think you just want to put them on your drips.

Yeah, because anybody who ever talks about calling, I hear some other coaching programs makes me cringe. Like the ones that don’t tell the truth all the times like oh, yeah, just get them get an appointment, get 100 appointments a month, all that that bullshit, which is great. But let’s be truthful, you’re right. A lot of their times, like, Hey, I may need, I want to just take 30 days off the market, jaded them, they need a time off. And that’s again, that’s when you align, hey, I completely understand you know what, Mark, that’s probably the best option right now. Why don’t you take the 30 days off, let the listing cool off, and then jump back in and

demonstrate why I’m the man for the job. Yep, real content and video and all that great.

And I like Bom Bom personally, because I can do screen records. So if I’m talking to you and say, Hey, Mark, I’m going to keep you updated. If I see a really strong sale, should I be sending that to you keeping you updated? And they’ll say, of course yeah, please send it over. And then the videos are simply you get the screen record up Tom, I usually have the MLS background, it’s just walk them through it. Or if it’s a significant thing, or one better. If I had material that I want to share that I didn’t want to bore you over the phone and just talk about it. I’ll do a screen share screen record of it. And just show you Hey, I didn’t have a chance really to go with this mark below, you’re gonna see this. And here’s some more material about it. And sometimes if we like we do some of the best videos here in terms of marketing a home. So I’ll take a video. Pause right now pause excuse me, take the audio out of it. Play in the background. Explain why it’s so important. Why it transitions the way it does. That’s great. Because what it does is really start showing like holy shit this guy’s way too much in the real estate listing. It’s

more demonstration. That’s what I like about it is that it’s the key and then you’re leveraging content not to sell to demonstrate and there’s a major difference between that because most people will just start selling on when they’re you’re on video. They’re gone. I mean, me, me, me, they always revert back to like, trying to talk someone into something. When the reality is you don’t have to talk about anyone in anything. You just have to show them what you know. And that demonstration will in fact help convert them on over to you Do you guys set this up on? Are you doing these personally? Or are you like, Hey, I talked like so you talked to the guy and Mark, we hang up the phone, I basically tell you, I’m gonna take 30 to 60 days just to chill, I’m burnt out on this home selling process. I’m an Airbnb for another 45 days. Let me get some cash flow. And then maybe I might want to relist this. How often are you touching base with them? In that scenario, like? Or do you put them on an automated like drip or these videos are going out where you have different sequence of videos that you that like an FAQ or a case study, maybe listing videos that you guys have done? Like what kind of content? And how often? What’s the frequency?

I do, I do keep when a home valuation, and I let them know ahead of time, how am I gonna send this to you? I say keep in mind, this is an algorithm and your prices, you’re gonna see it one month go way up, it’ll probably pull back. But they’re all kind of the same AI model. Number two, I’ll send a screen record, initially first day, just thanking them showing some material. And then it just really depends on it. Yes, we will do some case studies, like you said, Hey, I just wanted to share this with you. When you are getting ready to gear up in 30 days. Here’s something we recently did, we’ll kind of go through it. I am starting to implement more of the pre recorded just pre recorded couples, and it won’t be specifically Hey, Mark, look at this. I’ll just let them know, Hey, you’re gonna have some stuff come across, kind of showing you a few things that we’re doing. We’re really excited about them, so that we don’t have to take the time of every time going. Hey, Mark, it’s George Blankenship. It was more of, hey, this is exactly what I wanted to show you. Yeah. So we’ll pre record that.

And I’m sure you have your your video on when you’re doing the screen recording, right? Oh, of course. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s important, guys, because now you’re putting the face with a name. And it just makes you more human. Right. We do a lot of research to do a lot of these conversion videos for law firms and attorneys. And that’s all it is. It’s the same thing. It’s a very similar business model as an agent. But it’s all conversion because people can inquire, but you got to file it, like no one’s going to just call you up and list it happens, guys. But there aren’t like so many common lists means like that everyone wishes like I wish the business was like that. It’s not. But he’s building a giant database is what he’s doing. He’s making calls. I guarantee you he has set time blockers making these calls. But what he’s really doing is building a database. And that database is just sending up because these people will eventually move just a matter of when and 80% of them are going to hire the first person they meet with again. Now maybe they might meet with two or three people in an expired situation. But the vast majority of sellers don’t want to do that. They don’t give a shit. They just want to know they hired the right person. They don’t want to go interview 20 agents and then try to figure out who’s does this who does that no one cares. They want the job done, especially in this market. These are high D personalities you’re dealing with or dealing with multimillion dollar properties or bottom of the line people I’m sure.

Yeah. And you’re right. I mean, they just wanted to have this one for anytime course, I’ve sold in other markets where they’re this Israeli neighborhood, and you want to but again, they want somebody who’s going to it’s expired. And what I can sell on it. Look, I’m a bulldog, you’re not to hire me to get the results done. You did it the first time it didn’t work out. We all try one way. And now it’s time to go a different way. And that’s why again, we bring everything that’s different. And the difference is me. Right? Yeah, you could we could plug in 100 people on this team or any the biggest teams, like you mentioned, Josh Dalton, the beginning, obviously has a big team, you could plug in anybody in those numbers. If you don’t know how to close correctly, if you know how to make that client feel special. If you’re going to be a problem solver, those numbers are going to shift for you. It is going to be something you can talk to your friends about, oh, I’m on this team and we sold this. Well, how are you using those numbers correctly? You know, how can you bring those numbers in and give service to your clients? Yep.

That’s the name of the game guys. You’re a real estate problem solver. You’re not a salesperson, you take care and you help people who have problems with their real estate because that’s essentially what it is like, and if you focus it on that it’s a lot easier to sell through that way. Very cool. Dude, this is awesome. Any other things you want to add? I think we got it all I think people got Oh, one thing

I do want to say I think it goes back to this right? Like you send out video you do a ton of it. I mean, I mean, you’re titling who you are. All that is is an invitation, right? Whether we’re calling doing a video, we’re giving them a future invitation to either open our email again, or to pick our phone up. If you got a lot of fake yeses, and you weren’t like you said you’re very monotone and you didn’t excite them you didn’t. Nothing went off in their gut to say let me call let me let me stay in touch with this guy or woman. You don’t do any of that. You just gave him the worst limitation in the world. And they’re gonna take it crumple it up in their head and throw it out. If you suck you said you sent over videos, and your videos are boring. And then just like the videos like Hey, Mark, I know we have 30 days till it’s time to list again. I can’t wait to use it. They’re gonna like who the hell is this person? Yeah, you give that invitation. I’m like, holy shit. No one said number one, no one’s sending you stuff. No one’s going over in detail. He’s done. He’s definitely put himself as an expert and there’s someone we can trust that we like and then It closes from there.

Yeah, I like it. It’s all demonstration, folks. And I like how you’re using video. In all aspects of this. I’m all for that. Dude, this is awesome. Why don’t you tell people where they can find you? If you guys have referrals or destin area, why don’t you let them know how they can reach you so that you get credit for that.

Appreciate it. And I think the best way that everybody’s using it now is just, I love Instagram, you can go to G dilemmas, ar e, you can find me there. We’re also going to starting starting a video series on YouTube, it’s going to be more of a talk show, it’s gonna be called cocktails or for closers. We’ve already kind of started it, if you ever want to tune in our first demo, one should be coming out and hopefully the next five to six days, go to our editor, of course, because we we tried to put 30 minutes out there, make it fun. And that’ll be going on all the time too, as well. Just some great stuff to know about our it’s going to be all about 38 What’s the selling for what are things getting listed for so if you ever just want to watch a fun thing, and I promise you, it won’t be the same kind of thing you see out there gonna be more of a talk show that I don’t think we’re seeing as much on YouTube.

I like it, keep hostile and do a great job. And thanks for sharing all that knowledge. It was quite a bit like people come on this show. I think it was fucking packed. Go watch that again, guys. It’s gonna be stuff like that, that’s gonna get you through the next market. You’re gonna have to do things different in whatever way it is. And if you’re not uncomfortable right now, you’re not growing and you’re not going to grow period. You have to constantly push yourself to do shit you don’t want to do and in the days you do, I promise you you will look back and think the fact that you did it. That’s the only time we ever grow as individuals as business owners as you want to constantly be the most uncomfortable person in the room. That’s at least my motto. It hasn’t served me wrong yet and I don’t know anyone else who else who does it because it keeps pushing you content. Being content is for losers. Can’t be contented hustle, go for it. We don’t have to do it working hard either. You can just do it working smart. Appreciate you guys. If you guys have any additional questions on this dude, leave some notes. Contact them but thank you for listen to their episode real estate marketing podcast. You guys know where to find me? Check out our software referral www dot referral We farm your database for you so they don’t forget you exist and then people start calling you and referring you it’s very simple. If you understand Gary Keller’s millionaire agent book well, this is a software modeled after that. And it makes content creation very fucking easy. Go there at WWW dot referral. Appreciate guys listening. We’ll see you next week. Thank you for watching another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. If you need help with video or finding out what your brand is, visit our website at WWW dot real estate marketing We make branding and video content creation simple and do everything for you. So if you have any additional questions, visit the site, download the training, and then schedule time to speak with a dude and get you rolling in your local marketplace. Thanks for watching another episode of the podcast. We’ll see you next time.

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