Sharpen Your Skillset with Creative Financing

Today we are talking with Zach Beach and we are looking at creative ways to expand your skillset and diversify your offering. If you are still doing things the traditional way, then you are blending into the crowd with a million different agents.


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What’s up? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the episode of Real Estate Marketing Dude Podcast. Folks, the market has changed. We’re going to change with it. And what we’re gonna be talking about today is a way to do that. If you’re still doing business, the way you have 12 months ago, you’re probably suffering. There’s a reason why 60,000 real estate agents that I keep saying is probably 40,000.

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It’s going to be 150,000. It doesn’t matter because when the market shifts, people don’t know what to do. And most of you’ve never seen a shift in your life. And to the tune of like 80 plus percent of all real estate agents have never seen a shift. When the shift happens, it’s the opportunity. This is when people make their money in real estate.

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And what we’re going to be talking about today is a creative way to go ahead and do that. If you’re are a real estate agent or your lender and you’re still doing things traditional, there’s nothing that makes you different. The reason why some people make a lot of money in real estate is because they do things no one else knows how to do.

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And that’s why we’re going to chat about today. And the more problems you can solve, the more money you will make. And if you’re doing what everything else does, like every other agent, there’s a million of you guys, a million real estate agents. Great. I could go out and sell a house. Good. Fucking big deal. I have access to the MLS to anyone can sell a house.

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It’s how you sell it that makes people hire you. It’s the value you bring to the table, which is a skill set. Today we’re going to be talking about creative financing in real estate so you can see how you do deals, how you can advise on deals and bring value to the table. Because the one who does is the one who’s going to not only succeed in this market, but they’re going to take market share.

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So without further ado from smart real estate coach dot com, we have Zachary Beach to come in and schools today. What’s up, Zach? Why what’s going on, my man? I couldn’t agree with with I couldn’t agree with you more with most of the things that you said there. Although I’m not a real estate agent, I work with many real estate agents and show them how to get on the investment side.

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But also my partner was a broker owner for 18 years and my other partner was a realtor for eight. So totally get that side of the business. But now is the opportunity, especially is less opportunities in the traditional side or rear in their heads. Now is the opportunity to get on the investment side, especially in an unstable market, which is exactly where creative financing it’s said every real estate agent should be in investing.

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Like if you’re investing, you should. I mean, if you’re sitting and you should be investing. ECOtality doing if you’re not that’s all purpose because you’ll burn out. I burnt out ten years in a real estate agent if you’re really doing deals like if you’re doing 30 plus deals a month, 40, 50, 60, you’re burnt out after ten years.

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It’s it’s a hard business and it burns you out. So I ended up in San Diego. But let’s get into this thing on on creative financing. And one I want you to tell us a little bit about what type of creating financing you’re doing. So I know the exact property types and all that, and then I got a whole bunch of other questions.

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Yeah. So, you know, me and my family have been buying specifically to create a fantastic for over ten years now, we’ve been teaching people on how to actually execute our creative financing strategies with our trademark three a system for about ten years now as well now have done hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals without using cash, without using credit, without going to banks.

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So the three strategies that we used after we kind of utilize those three things as, as our, as our rules per se are our lease options buying properties subject to the existing loan and seller finance. So a lease option, really, all that is, is just the ability to control an asset without ownership, with the intent to go ahead and sell it on a on a lease option, most likely owner financing it.

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Just when you’re you’re speaking with sellers and you’re solving a seller’s problem and they want to be your bank. And this goes great with a lot of people that have, voila, equity in their property or have no debt where it’s second homes or have inherited properties. They see that asset or they see that property is now a liability on that asset.

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And you can go in and step in and they can get some cash flow from it. I lost a lot of tax benefits associated with it and then the last one would be buying a property subject subject to the existing loan, which really is the complete opposite of owner financing. It’s where a property has little equity in the property and you go ahead and you close on this property subject to the existing loan, meaning the loan is going to remain attached to the seller’s credit.

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So that can be paid off. But title will transfer to your business. And that’s that’s how we control these assets own these assets. And then our primary exit strategies are rent to own or owner financing as well. So we do two creative on both sides. Okay. I need to talk to you about something after this podcast on that.

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All right. So let’s start let’s dig deep in. Let’s let’s lease option as lease option, give you equitable right their interest to go ahead and actually like do show with the property. So I could dumb that down for people. Yeah, 100%. I mean, that is basically what at least that option gives you the ability to then go market the property to an end buyer.

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Our end buyers tend to be people that need time in order to qualify for loans. Is the UN bankable people and what they really need is time. So that’s anybody that has a legitimate hiccup in their credit, somebody that is an entrepreneur and a self-employed business person because they need seasoning. It could just be anybody that right now that needs time because they could qualify for a loan at 3% and now they can’t qualify for 7%.

So these are legitimate buyers that just need time. So, yes, the lease option agreement and we do it slightly different, which is which is really important. If you actually if you have people that have done creative writing deals, listen, this podcast, here’s a small tweak that you can make right now. Or if you’re brand new at real estate investing, you’re going to be doing it right day one.

And I think it’s different than what everyone else is doing. And that is when we go ahead and lock down a property in our lease purchase agreement, we actually lock in the position of the seller and all we’re guaranteeing is paying off the loan in the future and giving the seller the equity that we locked in to. The difference between us and someone else is most other people’s lock in a purchase price.

So they have zero protection for a down market and they don’t get the benefit in the principal pay down or the appreciation as much of the appreciation on the property. So really cool tweet there for you as well, Suze. We’re controlling that asset now. We’re going to go ahead and sell the property on a lease option as well.

It’s also known as a sandwich lease option. So what’s it out there? A scenario of that? Because here’s where I think a lot of agents, if they’re putting together these deals and whatnot, most you guys are lenders or agents listening to shows. I’ll speak through that. Give me a scenario where I’m coming across and where this might be just my play.

So like because books here’s what the reality is. You see a lot of distressed deals and people are going be open to these type of conversations. Right. And you need to know how to take them down, not only just for yourselves, but like you might have some other client. You’re doing this on behalf and ultimately you just need to know how all this stuff works because it just puts you in a different category.

So give me a let’s do it like an example, like how this would play out. Yeah, absolutely. So if I’m if I’m also listening or listening to this and I’m looking through this as a lender or a or realtor lens, right now, if I’m a realtor, I’m sitting and I’m saying anything that doesn’t fit inside my current box because I’m not I’m not suggesting after you listen this podcast, that you completely throw out your normal business.

You keep that running everything that fits inside of your box and anything that does not fit inside of your box. All right. Well, now you have options for you solve a seller’s problem because that’s all creative financing, is it just we have different tools and mostly more tools to solve someone’s problem because we don’t fit inside a box.

And then if I’m a lender, if I’m a lender, I’m able to add a realtor, but I’m looking at more probably the buyer side where buyers that cannot qualify for loans and it’s roughly 60 to 80% of the market right now can’t walk into a bank and get a loan because they need time and they need more money down.

I need higher credit score. They need to see if I’m the lender. I then look for somebody selling all these options to help them work on their credit. And then now you’re banking on that. You able to sell that loan in 24 months or 12 months or 36 months. So you from a lender perspective, you said something important is that here’s where because here’s the here’s what happens is that a lot of the real estate agents and guys, this is another option you offer.

This is another service you offer. Just doesn’t have to be the only service you a vast majority of buyers are looking to go listed. You’re out. People buy the same way for you, so don’t overthink this. But he says something really important is that because here’s here’s where all agents come through. I have a fiduciary duty from the National Association of Realtors, and I need to always act in the best interest of the seller.

Folks, highest and best dollar is not always in the best interest of the seller. Get that shit out of your head. You have to realize that the only reason people like Zachary and the other millions and millions of real estate agents are investors in the world. Exist is because they’re nothing more than just problem solvers for people that have house issues, period.

That’s all this is. So there is no taking advantage of people. When you’re just 100% transparent, tell them exactly what you’re doing. But trust me, they will never sign off on it if it’s not doing them a favor. And if not, you’re just not practicing ethically and you should get you’re asking, but you know, you could be ethical and be a real estate investor.

There’s a million ways to do it. So because I know what people are saying oh at I’m that means you’re going to that’s that’s fraud. No, dude. Yeah. I need to understand how how it works. And if the seller is not willing to play ball well, then it’s just not an option for them. But when they are in these situations, it is.

So the lease option would be somebody. What’s the seller scenario on there? Who’s more likely wanting to do a lease option? Yeah, I’m glad you brought that up. So lease options, I mean, they don’t they’re kind of a best seller, but it’s the simplest way to start creative financing. So a lot of real estate investors start there because they can solve a seller’s problem and not have title transfer.

So these are the deals you hear. It’s like no money down deals and creative mindset because even if you bought property and you didn’t have to pay a seller a down payment, you still have to pay for closing costs. So these are the no money down deals. So if you know a seller that is interested in getting top price is interested in not paying a realtor commission, right?

Because they want to maximize their profits, but most importantly, is willing to wait for their equity because they would rather maximize their profit. So that’s an important distinction when it comes to creative writing that is in it. In a scenario where a seller has equity, their their pain threshold has to be greater, that they want a higher price or more profit than they need their money now.

Yeah. So that that tends to happen. But also, I mean there’s about 80% of our deals that we’ve done over the past ten years just in creative writing are coming from expired listings because they’ve gone on the market, they’ve received feedback, they either agreed with it or not, and then their options are Now do I go list in take on that feedback like I got to paint the house or I going to lower my price or I get to do X, Y and Z or they find something like us.

So it’s like, okay, I get it. The traditional market didn’t provide you the solution you were hoping for. So now here’s how we may be able to structure the deal. And then now they can go ahead. And instead of going through another six month process, they can now go ahead and actually make a move and we can close on this relatively more quickly.

So that’s where a lot of the deals come from that are for sale by owners because there’s people out there that will not no matter what, even if you’re the best age in the world, hire a real estate agent. Yeah. So now we can go direct to them and now we can structure something that that solves the problem.

So again, if I’m an agent, I’m listening because I’m assuming a lot of agents you’ve been directly I’m listened to this podcast and that is it’s you you can make multiple options for somebody where you can say, here’s what this looks like. If I list your house and here’s all the benefit you’re going to get, here’s the profits.

But also here, I just want like, you know, I buy real estate here. I can provide some solutions. Here’s what this may look like, because you mentioned a point earlier which is not all highest and best is always the best option for people. Sometimes people come to us because they want time and flexibility like they don’t want to sell and immediately have to leave their house or somebody is behind on payments and they need that thing to be caught up immediately.

And they can’t wait 90 days to close or 60 days to close or somebody is has no equity in their house and they actually have to pay you out of pocket in order to close on this deal. So just so many different scenarios like that makes sense. So somebody that the lease option that would be someone who has what’s their equity situation usually like or is it just more of like like let’s just paint a picture for the market right now people what seven at least in my markets in like California 7% interest rate on like a $1.5 million house is a big difference than a 4% on a $1.5 million house.

So what? But a lot of the people out here have a lot of equity over the last few years. The reality is it looks like things aren’t selling the way they were because of the interest rate hike. You know, it’s sort of buying people in the house. So the problem that people are having, those, they can’t sell that house that they live in.

Now, if that’s primary owner. Yeah. And then replace the same type of lifestyle with a comparable property. So that’s issue number one because it’s a lot smaller house that they would get at today’s rate. The second half of that is that a lot of these people aren’t able to sell what they think it’s worth and people are starting to come to the reality of like, Oh shit, the market isn’t quite what it is, but they might be willing to wait for it to come back.

Is that an ideal scenario here? Someone who can’t sell right now, but they’re willing to wait and then they have a tenant with an option there and then yeah, here’s here’s three. These are three general managers, three generalized say motivations or problems we for sale is whether it’s a lease option subject to owner finds it perfect what is they want to maximize their profits to is they need debt relief or three is they’re settling for they want a poor estate or tax planning purposes.

00:18:01:01 – 00:18:26:15


Those are three reasons why people would go a creative financing route because yeah, you’re right, there’s a lot of transition right now in the market. There’s a lot of things that are happening where sellers are unable to sell their property for what they owe. And now exactly what you’re saying, which is they have this idea of what the price the price was 6 to 12 months ago, and now they have unrealistic expectations of their house.

00:18:27:05 – 00:18:53:09


So if I’m a creative financing real estate investor, although I’m not suggesting you always buy market or above market, but what I am suggesting is price is just one of the terms that we care about. If I buy your house right now at Market value and even though it’s slightly inflated and I have ten years to pay off and I have the benefit of principal pay down, I’m going to cash flow that thing and I’m going to sell it at a higher price to a tenant.

00:18:53:09 – 00:19:17:06


A buyer, I don’t know. That price is always a small factor in my decision making process, where the traditional market is like the number one factor in their decision making process. Now, it’s actually more of a factor, I would say, than even the interest rate on the property, because most people buy for the price or you know, what they did during cover with support for the interest rate and not the price.

00:19:17:06 – 00:19:40:00


And now we’re seeing what’s happening with that, which means people under underwater. So just those three factors tend to be and I know they may be generalized, but it’s all about solving someone’s problem because I could buy a property on a lease option that has no debt and just the seller does not want to give up title for tax planning purposes or the benefit of ownership.

00:19:40:16 – 00:20:03:20


They also might not want to transfer title because they don’t trust me, which is understandable for some, and they can also buy a property. We always decide we’re on a lease purchase which has zero equity in the property and if that’s the case, it just the term length is going to be more important to me because any time I’m buying a property with no equity, I need two things to happen.

00:20:03:20 – 00:20:25:21


I need the price to appreciate over time, which you and I both know, especially if we go through cycles over time, it’s going to always increase and I need the principal pay down to go to pay down on the interest and the mortgage balance on that property over time because then that creates equity. So we bought a we said we bought a lease option from a seller for ten years, ten year lease options.

00:20:25:21 – 00:20:50:18


You just want to give up for whatever reason up in Northern Massachusetts, she relocated to D.C., got another property, get a new mortgage, and she had a vacant house because it expired off the market for about six months, was paying 20 $300 basically just to keep it up. Never was there. We were able to solve that problem because we stepped in to start making those mortgage payments, filled the property with a tenant buyer.

00:20:51:05 – 00:21:09:11


That lease option lasted up to eight years on that house. She had no equity at the time. That property ended up netting about $170,000 over the course of the time frame. For her, for me, for us, not for us. And she was able to walk away and not actually have any problems, which, you know, that solves their problem as well.

00:21:09:11 – 00:21:28:13


So I you just you, you name different scenarios and different all different facets of life and all the people’s different challenges. And it just the decision making for them is that they want to wait for well, the seller of that she got the price she wanted to back then she’s locked in for eight years. But she also gets there’s eight years of write offs and all that, right.

00:21:29:06 – 00:21:50:10


Yeah. Plus she sold the realtor at the time. She would have paid, you know, 15,000, $20,000 out of pocket the between realtor closing costs and she was paying 80 plus about $12,000 by making month, even though it’s going to hurt you know it was 2000 dollars amortized right but she’s still paying out of pocket that’s $12,000 six months with a vacancy.

00:21:51:00 – 00:22:09:14


We were able to solve that and step in and solve a problem really quickly. And she saved money and that we had an asset that we can now go in. So it makes sense to me. I think the seller finance has a lot of opportunity coming up with a lot of these people that can’t sell their properties but have equity and are willing to carry paper.

00:22:09:22 – 00:22:31:01


Can you talk a little bit on that and you see an opportunity with seller finance more so now that the rates have gone up and the market shifted, then prior? Oh, it’s always been one of our favorite strategies we primarily were targeting and it’s still due to this day. But I say targeting meaning like we’re we’re going to do direct mail pieces or looking for a specific property type.

00:22:32:04 – 00:22:58:20


It’s we’re looking at debt free houses, huge benefits for you as a real estate investor and a lot of tax benefits for the seller. If you can if you can strike a deal with them and solve a problem where now you in the seller get to determine the terms of the mortgage. How powerful is that? Yeah, because if you go ahead and buy a property traditionally who controls the terms of the mortgage, it’s the bank.

00:22:58:24 – 00:23:17:00


They tell you how much money you need now, what your credit score needs to be, what the immunization schedule is going to be, if there’s, you know, if there’s any other collateral, it’s just it’s insane. So when we go to buy a property now, it’s if I can solve the seller’s problem now, meaning the seller, I get to decide what the interest rate is, if any.

00:23:17:02 – 00:23:39:03


There’s plenty of deals that we do where it’s 0% interest, and you must be wondering why people do that. Lots of sellers because they’re getting just principle month over month, don’t have to go ahead and report for interest as income. So we have different strategies where I can actually pay a premium on the house but pay in principal only.

00:23:39:21 – 00:24:01:20


And now the seller’s actually getting the full amount in place. And as far as capital gains go, they get to stretch it out right over how. Yeah, that’s really time frame we’re doing. So you here that is. But this is the skill set I opened up with you guys is you have to like know this shit. Like you have to know what tax advantages are for seller so that you can present that.

00:24:02:05 – 00:24:15:01


Because if you look at the numbers, it looks like a bad deal. But when you actually do the math, you’re like, this is actually a good deal. When you talking about if you don’t know how to explain that to it to a seller, you know, I don’t know what to tell you. This is where you need to sharpen.

00:24:15:01 – 00:24:34:07


This is what people look for in these markets. But look what he’s saying. You guys at every every other sentence he’s saying problem, solve, problem, solve, problem, solve. And that’s the key here is that you’re in business to be a house problem solver. You don’t have to overthink any of this stuff, in my opinion. Let’s get into the marketing of this because I know people are going want to ask about that.

00:24:34:20 – 00:24:58:22


How are we finding these types of sellers? You mentioned one, he’s going after debt free houses, but how else are you locating? Yeah, so I it’s these people because agents are like, oh, it sounds easy, but it’s not. If I’m an agent, I am already in front of how many people per month. Yeah. Where I can make additional offers.

00:24:58:22 – 00:25:24:21


So if you’re already involved in real estate investing, where you’re an agent, you’re lender, you’re a wholesaler, you’re a fiction flipper, you’re buying like you’re already in front of people. It’s now and you can just pick up one extra deal per month or every other month. It makes a dramatic difference when we look at our deals. It ranges from, say, $40,000 on the low end semi over the course of about 24, 36 months on average, up to $250,000.

00:25:25:18 – 00:25:43:10


There’s there’s deals in which are just 60 months and there’s multiple six figures just because of how they’re structured. Yeah. So I’m saying that because you don’t have to do as many deals. It’s not like this. This does have to be a high volume business if you get the right deals. We have a we have an investor up in New Hampshire.

00:25:43:13 – 00:26:06:08


He’s done five deals. They all averaged over $100,000 over the course of 48 months. And just because you have a full time job, two or yeah, he was a he’s a government contractor and he’s just doing this on the side for his retirement. Yeah. But again, back to your point, as far as marketing goes, it’s it’s really simple in our we we pull expired listings to cancel withdrawn for sale by owners.

00:26:06:14 – 00:26:24:24


We make direct contact with them. We reach out to them via phone and as though they doing it maybe 3 hours to go make it a handful of deals and reach out to a couple people. I set up an appointment with a seller that has he has got a lot of equity in his property, but there’s tenants he doesn’t like and and that’s why he’s selling.

00:26:25:02 – 00:26:47:09


So really can solve this problem rather easily as he could still cashflow this property. And I get cash flow too. And he’s still a professional company instead of a tenant. So dear landlord then and then. So we have that and then you have direct mail pieces that of course lead to, you know, a virtual assistant pulling together the information and then you’re following up.

00:26:47:21 – 00:27:05:06


It’s really we try to keep this three as uncomplicated as possible and shore up your as you grow and scale, you can do Facebook ads and Google ads and you can you can spend a lot of money on online marketing. Or it could be you could spend very little in this business too. And so generate the deals you need.

00:27:06:02 – 00:27:22:15


Yeah, it goes back to the if you have a budget and you can leverage your time with it. Right. But if you don’t then you need your time to do the work. So but I want he said something else a couple you guys this isn’t like a every agent like if you’re full time or what if you’re in real estate full time.

00:27:22:15 – 00:27:35:07


We got to way. You’re right you could be title rep. Listen, this doesn’t matter. This is like something most people I see get into real estate investing started on the side, literally. They’re like, Oh, I’m just going to do a deal or two and see how it goes. Like, Oh, fuck, I made a lot of money. I mean, go out, do this deal.

00:27:35:07 – 00:27:51:11


I’m going to to a year and three year and something you could grow passively, but it is something I would put on your radar this year, you guys, because I mean we’re targeting distressed hard I’m such in my entire model I’m going right after the distressed markets but I know what’s coming and I’m well ahead of all of you guys.

00:27:51:11 – 00:28:14:21


I’m like three years ahead of you guys. It doesn’t you don’t have to be. And I’m not saying that in a bragging type of way. I’m just saying I know what’s coming. And, you know, over the last 12 months, I’ve been sort of formulating our idea. We’re doing a lot of sale leasebacks. For example, there’s different creative options that we’re putting in there because people are going to look for creativity because the traditional listing isn’t as easy to get rid of the property.

00:28:15:04 – 00:28:34:19


So you’re going to see a lot of these opportunities open up. Mark my words, I guarantee you it’s going to happen. Would you agree with that? I think in every market, too, I don’t care where you’re at in the country. I’m positive this is going to happen. Guys. Yeah, I’m not as I would say, I’m not as decisive as you on that as far as how how drastic the market’s going to shift.

00:28:34:19 – 00:28:55:08


And I think we’re all due for a market shift no matter what, especially with the unprecedented times and COVID and what happened afterwards. I think there’s a reason why creative fighting is like the number one and talked about and searched on subject right now talk about being ahead of our time. We’ve been doing this now for over ten years just in this market.

00:28:55:08 – 00:29:20:09


I’m just in creative writing. I haven’t done anything else in real estate investing since the 2008 crash. And we’ve noticed, as always, when there’s turmoil in the market now, creative financing options become a a more normalized, traditional way of buying and selling real estate because when there’s turmoil, that means that the market needs more help, needs more solutions.

00:29:20:13 – 00:29:46:07


Yes. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. We’re seeing more deals and better deals because we’re able to really saw people’s problems. And as you’re saying, what’s interesting is even if people aren’t distressed because they hear so much noise, they actually feel distressed, which means that there are actually there’s a lot of sellers that will sell properties either below market or more creatively just because they hear everything that’s going on.

00:29:46:07 – 00:30:02:02


And although they’re in a really good position, they don’t feel like they are. And now we can go ahead and step in and solve that problem as well. You feel like the temperature’s changed with sellers and you guys are doing a nationwide thing if students all over. But and because before it was like sellers are sort of dicks like fuck you, I’m not going to sell my house, this thing is worth it.

00:30:02:03 – 00:30:34:08


This is the Taj Mahal. Like no one’s touch this thing for less than $10 million, but now they’re starting to open up a little bit. Right. And it takes 6 to 8 months for that to happen, which is I think we’re there now because it’s hard. The market is always lagging behind, even like I remember back in 29 or 2010 when the market was depreciating so fast that the comps on paper were showing higher than what the true values that people are willing to pay big are a major issue in the BPOs and the appraisals at that time, because the market was depreciating fast and it was going up.

00:30:34:08 – 00:30:53:00


So in the last six months of comps, if you’re Joe with a 200,000 or sales price, but that’s not 175. Well, you’re at a there’s it’s hard to get the bank to accept that but it came I caught up. So you’re going to see that in this market as well. And I think there’s going to be more. More and I’m not saying you get fucking like crazily distressed.

00:30:53:00 – 00:31:15:05


I just think that there’s going to be people I know there’s people with higher credit card debt right now. I know that the people who bought in the last 12 months are all underwater that got FHA or VA financing. So there’s dire situations that now on the flip side of that, their payments are very affordable. Right. So you don’t know what they’re going to do with it and we don’t know if people are going to do that.

00:31:15:05 – 00:31:33:15


But what I know is that there’s people that are looking at their houses and what they do with them in way more creative ways than they were just in school. Listed on Zillow or for sale by owner. But on the MLS that’s going to make a whole lot of money. Yeah, I’m Mike and I think it’s important that you hit on exactly what you just said, which was one of our strategies buying property subject to.

00:31:33:15 – 00:31:51:09


I mean, what we’re what we’re doing right now is we’re buying properties with 3% interest rates, two and a half percent interest rates where nobody else can get access to 7%. So as long as you can solve that seller’s problem, because if I’m a seller and I’m underwater, I don’t know where to go. I’m not a real estate investor.

00:31:51:16 – 00:32:08:10


You know, we know. Sit tight, wait or move out and turn into an asset. And because you get it, because you get cash flow on it. But most people don’t think that way. And now all of a sudden if something dramatic cabins they walk through these exit. I like this scenario let’s walk through it so they get an idea.

00:32:08:10 – 00:32:32:15


So let’s just say and we’re actually have one here in San Diego and most of these loans, you consumer the early FHA or VA, is that accurate? Can you assume a conventional. Well, I’m not assuming anything. Just I mean, the because there’s different I’m thinking of subject to mortgage but you could actually assign mortgages to and there’s a lot of real estate agents you’re doing stick VA’s VA loans you can assume if you choose to.

00:32:33:03 – 00:32:53:06


But remember my rules or our rules, and that is we don’t sign personally on debt. So what we’re doing and I know with the subject deals, the number one worry is about the down sales clause and everybody freaks out about it. But the truth is, it’s like, do you want sales calls? And I have a specific measurement, but I have heard of very few do on sales scores happening.

00:32:53:21 – 00:33:23:24


But I know that there are techniques that are attorneys have suggested how we acquire the properties primarily, primarily through family trusts because the Garden State Germain Act, I think it’s 1982 or 84 states that a do on sales clause cannot be called if it’s for state or taxpaying purposes for a transfer of title. So then we just buy the trust that is like one, two, three, Jump Street Smith Family Trust, and we’re the beneficiary of that property.

00:33:24:15 – 00:33:42:12


I like it. It’s very smart, though. So and at the end of the day, a lot of these deals in which we’re doing, is it worth the risk of the on sales clause being called? Because there’s other ways to pivot, too, because basically the bank saying that they’re going to foreclose and do on sales. And how long does that take?

00:33:42:14 – 00:34:13:16


Many times. In many cases, it takes a long time. You can exchange the beneficiary back to the seller in order to protect the seller, you could sell the property before it’s fully been completed. There’s just so many different ways in order to structure these. And in most cases, because I can already hear people saying, in most cases, when we buy properties like this, we’re actually improving the seller’s credit because most of this most of these circumstances, they may be behind on payments or they don’t have any equity in their home.

00:34:13:16 – 00:34:37:03


So we’re actually improving the lives of the sellers by doing this because it’s still attached to their credit. And they’re they’re benefiting from that because we’re always making our payments on time, because at the end of day, it’s our asset. We’re trying to get this thing the finish line makes sense. I could do it. Any other things? Thoughts, wild things you want to see or mention?

00:34:37:03 – 00:35:00:17


Anybody know? I just would say this and that is credit. Finances are a lot of fun because every deal is different. At the end of the day, there’s still deals that are happening now. We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of these great fancy deals. There are still deals that we approach now that have nuances that we have never seen before and that we get to work through and and structure out, which is a heck of a lot of fun.

00:35:00:17 – 00:35:26:18


But know this too. If this is the first time you’ve heard of creative financing from a guy from Massachusetts that talks super fast, then they’re used to this notion they just know like this was a my intent for today was a perspective change to say there are other options out there that you may not be familiar with that can help solve people’s problems and also make it very profitable for you as a real estate investor.

00:35:27:08 – 00:35:57:14


So I encourage you and I know we wanted to give a giveaway today, which is I encourage you to go read our first Amazon bestseller book, Real Estate on Your Terms. You get it absolutely free, so you not going to go buy it on Amazon. I’ll give it to you right now for free. We’ll actually ship it to you at no cost and you just have to go to wicked smart books dot com forward slash marketing guy with a get smart books dot com for XYZ marketing guy And in that book you’re going to hear not only our stories, but you’re also going to see how each one of these transactions comes to play in

00:35:57:14 – 00:36:16:18


there. And in those case studies, why the seller did it, why the buyers did it, and then how the cash flows there. So a lot of good a lot of good material for you to go through. And then at that stage, you’ll now be able to start my, my, my guess is you’ll start recognizing more opportunities than you maybe passed up on.

00:36:17:24 – 00:36:40:23


Love it. Why don’t you tell everybody where they can find you online as well and make sure you guys go ahead and get that download. I’m going to get it as well and check it out. But what you tell them what your website is, you guys have a these guys coach, they train. If you guys want to learn this stuff like go on their site, buy some of their info or their products and then you guys can learn more about it.

00:36:40:23 – 00:37:00:14


But my point today is getting yourself out of your traditional mindset and realizing the opportunities are going to be all around you. They always have been, but I think it is a big opportunity coming up in the next few years of concentrating on because everyone is scared and they’re all hiding in the closet because they’re being a bunch of pussies and they’re scared and don’t know what the hell is going to happen to them.

00:37:00:14 – 00:37:18:10


And they’re worried about this and they’re worried about that. And at the end of the day, you guys, you got to just man up, woman up. You got to make the change. Nobody’s got it. No one can do it for you. You got to do it. You just have to learn it. And what you know in your head, in the skills you have, is what makes the difference between what happens during this time.

00:37:18:20 – 00:37:39:02


So, yeah, you can find you can find us at smart real estate coach dot com fans on Instagram TikTok Facebook at Smart Real Estate Coach Also on YouTube at Smart Real Estate Coach, we have over I think it’s over 300 deals structure of Sunday’s now we call them where it’s either our deals or the deals that we helped our students do.

00:37:39:10 – 00:38:01:13


And we literally whiteboard it out where we found the seller, what the deal looks like, why the buyer needed us, what the payments were, the paydays on it. They’ll they’ll continue to help share with you exactly how this may work in your current business model right now. Sweet man. Well, appreciate you sharing your insight today. We appreciate all you guys listening.

00:38:01:13 – 00:38:16:09


Another up. So the real estate marketing do podcast folks. If you have any additional questions, want to check out our new software. We just lost referral suite ecom. This is part of suite assist and if you’re looking for a referral marketing system that firms your database makes them not forget who the hell you are, what you do. This is all you need.

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Learn about it, research it, and then I’ll follow you around the internet and so you can buy it. And we’ll meet in the middle somewhere. Referrals to and referrals Appreciate it, dude. You guys have a great week and we’ll see you guys next Saturday. Bye bye.