Email Nurturing For Referrals & Top Of Mind Brand Awareness

How are you staying in touch with your database today? Using video email nurturing is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of mind your database. It allows you to connect personally leaving a much larger impact on your database.

Most real estate agents and lenders immediately resort to creating market updates and other sales related content vs. just staying in touch.

Many agents get fed up because of dismal results their email marketing gives them, but it’s not because email marketing doesn’t work, it’s because of the way they are using it.

If you want to see a better results with any of your email marketing results then you MUST STOP email marketing and start email nurturing instead.  It pays for itself and the results are amazing if you use it the right way!

What Is Email Nurturing?

Email nurturing your database is a systematic marketing activity you do each and every month. It is 1-2 emails a month sent to your database that has one goal, top of mind brand awareness.  This is why we love using video email for our email nurturing. So instead of writing a very cold email with no personality, record a short video and connect on a much deeper level with your recipients.

I don’t like being on video!

Then expect the same results with your email marketing. The entire point of sending an email in the first place is to get opened, not annoy someone.   If you start using video email more of your emails will get opened, but more importantly you will become more referable.

video email nurturing example

How does video email nurturing create clients?

Using video as part of your email nurturing is a much more effective form of communication.

Did you know that:

60% of your effective communication is based on your tone.  You might be able to use emoticons on your emails, but no way does it have the effect a video would.

30% of effective communication is through your body language.  How do you express your body language in emails?

10% of effective communication is the actual content or point you’re trying to make. Most people aren’t going to remember what you say so your focus should be to stand out instead.

Communicate with your “database” consistently.  This should be mandatory amongst real estate agents. 61% of all agent business is directly attributed to referrals and repeat business.  It’s impossible to get referrals or repeat business when you are forgotten about (70% of buyers forget their agent’s name after six months)OUCH!!!

TIP: When you are using video email nurturing you must individually compose each email.  This means you have to do it yourself, but will be well worth it. It’s the authenticity of your email that makes it memorable.

The Math On Email Nurturing

roi of referral marketing

If you start sending 1-2 video emails a month for the next 12 months to your database, will you start generating more referrals and repeat business?

Let’s say your email list is about 100 people.  We are seeing a 35+% open rate on our videos emails following this system.  This means that roughly 35 out of the 100 people are seeing my video emails each month.

  • 10-15% of the people receiving your email are moving in the next 12 months
  • 100% of those receiving my emails know someone they can refer you to.
  • Stay consistent and it’s just a matter of time until it works.

Video Email Can be Used For Other Things Too.

  1. Follow up with New Clients. When you first start working with a new client, the most crucial time is the first few days of establishing your working relationship.  We are a referral based business and your most powerful marketing tool is your customer service whether you want to admit that or not. There is no better way to start the relationship off than with a “what to expect going forward” type of video email.
  2. Follow Up With Cold Leads.  If you are buying leads, reply to their inquiry with a video.  You have to keep in mind that the person inquiring probably also made inquiries on several other properties, which means they are receiving several other calls from your competitors. If you want to convert to clients, your goal should be to stand out. Video does that!
  3. Thank you’s!  There is nothing more personal than a genuine thank you. Instead of writing a thank you email, film it.  It will go a much longer way and your clients will know it came from you and not your pimple faced assistant.
  4. Negotiate Deals.  Yes, what a great way to submit an offer.  Make your offer stand out!

Focus On The Relationship And The Sale Will Come

So what did we learn today?  I hope that you see how important it is to build relationships in your real estate business. Today’s entire message was built around using video email to do just that.  There are other ways to build relationships, but this is one of the best.

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