Real estate social media content

Post Real Estate Social Media Content That Converts Into Referrals

Social media is NOT Craig’s list. If you are looking for what kind of real estate social media content you should post, it’s very simple.  Stop telling people you’re in real estate and start reminding them you’re in real estate.

What is real estate content?  Why is everyone talking about real estate content and how does it apply to my business?

My goal of this article is to explain how to create real estate social media content that leads to clients in this post.

Let me be blunt. If you want to attract business, especially online, you must create real estate content.

Let’s go through the steps of exactly how it works.

Stop Creating Real Estate Social Media Content That Tells People You’re In Real Estate

You don’t need to tell people you’re in real estate, you need to remind them.  Creating real estate social media content consistently allows you to sell without selling by constantly reminding others that you’re in real estate. What would you rather do, beg people for referrals or attract them?

“Hey do you know anyone who wants to buy a house”

“Hey do you know anyone who wants to sell a house”

When you are always selling, it’s hard to attract business.

You are told you must make x amount of calls a day, 5 days a week.

This is the old school train of thought when it comes to real estate marketing. I believe it’s these hard core sales tactics are a major reason why 87% of newly licensed agents do not make it 5 years in the business.

Especially in light of the NAR commission dispute, it’s never been more important to build a personal brand. 

When you create consistent real estate social media content you take a different approach. It allows you to share your expertise and become the expert without having to say it because content over time builds authority.

The 2 Benefits Of Consistently Creating Real Estate Social Media Content

Creating real estate content helps you in two ways.  First, is that it allows you to keep your brand in front of your largest source of business, your database of relationships.  Over 60% of all agent business comes from referrals and repeat clients. It allows you to keep your brand at the forefront without having to always come off as a slick salesman.

Creating real estate content is a way to consistently nurture your relationships.

The second way you can use real estate content is to attract new potential clients.  Let’s take this article you are reading right now.  Maybe you found me on Facebook, Instagram, or Google. I want you to read this article so I can build a relationship with you and down the road you may become one of our members of Referral Sweet (that’s my soft sales pitch).

I’m not hard core selling you anything, but I am teaching you about creating real estate content. I’m talking about doing the same thing for your real estate business.

I’m not sure what kind of real estate content to create?

There are two types of content to create.  First is educational.  This is content that you share your expertise on various real estate topics.  It should be focused around the questions that typical buyers and sellers have in real estate.  I can list a many different topics for your to create content on.

The second kind of content to create is more for branding and staying on top of mind.  It can be holiday videos, neighborhood tours, or just sold case studies to give you a few examples.  This kind of content allows you to share your daily real estate story. You don’t create this kind of content to pick up leads, but more for nurturing your relationships and remaining on top of mind amongst your database, prospects who are not ready to make a move yet.

Start Creating Content, Start Attracting Clients

When you consistently remain on top of mind with the people you know, referrals and repeat business occurs. This is a visual on how simple the process really is.

10-15% of the people you know this year are moving, but 100% of them have a referral for you.  When you’re thought of first for a real estate referral, you’ll begin attracting business.

However at the same time, 100% of people that you know have the ability to refer you one deal this year.  The more referable you become the more business you’ll attract. Real estate is one giant popularity contest.

Heres my question to you.  Would you rather spend 4-5 hours a week cold calling, prospecting, and being one of 50 Realtors to reach out to an expired listing on the same day?


Would you rather spend 1-2 hours creating a real good piece of content each week and then distributing it?  That’s what is comes down to.

Does this all make sense? Are you ready to create some real estate content? if you enjoyed this article share it with the world and help me get the word out!